What is the function of the Recycler in Fortnite Season 6?

What is the function of the Recycler in Fortnite Season 6?


The Recycler pistol finally arrived in Fortnite Season 6, but how do players use it?

After being teased several times on the Season 6 promo, the Recycler gun is now out. This weapon is very different from other fans who have seen it in Fortnite recently. Since this weapon does not have ammunition, players must create their own by harvesting materials.

However, Fortnite doesn't provide players with any more info on how to use a new weapon to get started.

Where to Find & Use the Recycler in Fortnite

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Many players are unclear about how to use the new recycler weapon. First, Recyclers can be found anywhere on the map - sometimes they're in bunker chests, and other times they're in drop inventory. However, players will most likely find the Recycler as floor loot and anywhere on the map.

Like other gun players trying to find it, they just have to look for it and hope to find it. Although, unlike Mystical or Legendary weapons, these weren't completely rare, so players would find them.

For ammunition, players need to harvest materials such as Wood, Stone, or Metal and use all of them in the gun. When holding a gun, the player will be asked which button will harvest and which one will shoot. Just follow the prompts and players should be able to harvest or shoot as they please. Something important to note is that all recycler guns carry a maximum of three rounds of ammunition, so players only get three shots at a time before they have to reload the material.

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It does have different rarity varieties, so the lowest form of rarity does low damage. However, some reports say that the lowest rarity is still hitting opponents with 75 damage. So, if players wanted to use this new weapon, all they had to do was go around the map and search for loot as usual, and they would likely find the Recycler eventually.

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