Where is the Pizza Pit Location in Fortnite Season 6

Where is the Pizza Pit Location in Fortnite Season 6


Certain Fortnite missions have the player scour the map for XP.

As with other Fortnite missions, players are rewarded with a certain amount of XP. Luckily, most of them are around 20K and above, which is always great, as it allows players to level up quickly in the Battle Pass. A recent series of missions by Crustina and Gutbomb required players to visit a Pizza Pit, which can be difficult to spot if the player does not explore the map intensively.

Luckily, the Pizza Pit wasn't hidden as some thought.

Fortnite Pizza Pit Location

fortnite pizza pit location

Pizza Pit location in Fortnite Season 6 (Image via Twitter)

Players will be able to complete both missions in seconds if they land at the Pizza Pit, which collects a total of 44K XP for them. Players will be able to find Pizza Pit right on the outskirts of Steamy Stacks and Colossal Crops. If players simply navigate in between both POIs, they will be able to quickly spot the iconic Fortnite Pizza Pit.

fortnite pizza pit gps

Pizza Pit GPS in Fortnite Season 6 (Image via Twitter)

Simply landing there will earn the player 22K XP and complete quests by Crustina. On the other hand, if the player destroys some of the structures in the Pizza Pit, they will also get another 22K XP. Overall, this quest provides an easy 44K XP for something as simple as landing in one place during the same match. Usually, some missions and challenges require the player to go to the same place once or twice and usually provide at least 20K XP.

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Most of the quests usually provide the player with a lot of XP, it's just a matter of knowing which ones are easy and quick to complete for the faster XP. On the other hand, completing the more difficult ones also grants more XP, giving players a better chance to unlock more Battle Passes.

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