Xenosaga PS2 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Xenosaga PS2 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



In-game Reset

Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start + Select during game play.


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You have to face Gargoyle in the Gnosis Cathedral Ship. The Gargoyle actually Commander Cherenkov. You need to have Shion, chaos, and KOS-MOS fight. Make sure that you have the upgraded frame and generator parts for Shion's and chaos's A.G.W.S. units. Equip both A.G.W.S. units with a sword since the Gargoyle and other Gnosis aren't good against close range attacks. Make sure everyone is at least level 18 or higher. When the battle starts, get into the A.G.W.S. units, and only attack the Gnosis on the right until it is dead. Why the Gnosis on the right? Because it can heal the Gargoyle 600 hp every turn. Then have KOS-MOS use med-kits on herself until she is fully healed. Finally attack the Gargoyle.

Moving Quickly And Silently

Tap R2 rapidly when walking around to can hover quickly without making a sound.

Fighting Tiamat

First, have Junior change into his gnosis machine and then make sure you know moonlight serenade with Junior. Have Shion, KOS-MOS, and Junior in the party before the battle begins. Tiamat is pretty tricky and will be tough to beat. So use rain blade and x-buster a lot and also use mist with junior. After you beat him, he will come back to life(not fun) with only half the hp this time(getting better), change shion and junior into their gnosis machines, but just for a little, and then change back. he should be dead after about 8 or 9 turns, just use all the above plus some of your own.

Shion's Room On Starship Woglinde

When Shion says shes tired on Starship Woglinde you have to go back to her room. This could take a while to find. Her room is on Sector D-01 through the partition. Its the first door you see.

Let The Enemy Kill Itself

When you must fight the 3 A. G. W. S. after releasing MOMO, the easiest way to defeat the two side units is to use MOMO's Sheep Beam to put one of them to sleep. Preferably put the one asleep that has the first turn, it won't be able to deal damage and you can save your HP. The Zolfo (middle) unit will use his next attack to wake the Mercurio unit up, dealing 180+ Critical Damage in the process. Alternate between the two side units for the quickest defeat, having Ziggy attack the opposing unit with his Cyber Kick, MOMO needs to heal when she doubles up or boosts her turns. Keep doing this till eventually it's just the one boss. Move MOMO to the front row and have at the Zolfo unit. Make sure that you have the Scope equipped so you can monitor the enemies HP.

Be A Loser For A Change

After you have released MOMO, have fought the three A.G.W.S. units, and finished searching the grounds, you will have to fight Margulis. Lose to him. Trust me. Just die. Regardless the story will proceed like usual. This way you don't waste any time, items, ether points, etc.

Keeping Shion Safe During The Gnosis Attack

During the Gnosis attack on the Starship Woglinde at Shion's second encounter with the Gnosis, as they chase her she must run through the partition and quickly press the red switch on the other side to close it to stop the Gnosis from touching her. As this is difficult to do, there is a second, easier option. Have Shion keep running. Ignore and pass both red switches. Go through the open door into the empty room a few steps further down the hallway. Wait a few seconds in the room. The Gnosis will lose track of Shion. Then, give up and return to where they were before the chase. The coast will be clear and Shion can go safely to her next stop.

Slide Deck Key

When you are onboard the Elsa, before the ship is attacked, you can speak to the repair robot in the A.G.W.S. hangar. He mentions that he is the hardest worker, and that while he was cleaning one of the cabins he lost his key to the Slide Deck. The key can be found on the couch in the lounge of Cabin 2 (the southern- most cabin).

Hazardous Area Map

On board the Elsa, you will see the pilot walking around in Hangar 1 (A.G.W.S. hangar), looking for a map. He does not give any concrete details, except to look everywhere, and that the captain wants it. To get the map, speak with the captain on the bridge. He will give it to you to take to the pilot.

Game Completion Data

Once you complete Xenosaga: Episode 1, after the ending credits roll, the game will ask if you want to save. Answer "Yes" and the game completion data will be saved. Although you cannot load this saved game data with the Episode 1 game disc, do not delete it. It is likely that this game completion data will be used to load your characters stats into Xenosaga: Episode 2.

Skip Scenes

Whenever you are viewing a previously watched scene, press Start then press Triangle. You will then skip the entire scene until you are in quest mode again.

Easy Cash

Get the Casino Card from the Durandal's Casino (north and east of Shione's room on the Durandal). Then, play Poker. Start with 100 coins (900 bucks) and play level 1 until you get about 200. Then, move straight to level 3 until you get about 700. Then, play level 4. The way to always beat the house is as follows. Always hold a pair or any other scoring combo. After you win, always do double or nothing. If the number is greater than 7 bet low, if the number is 8 it is your choice, and if the number is 9 or above it is best to go low. After accumulating about 45000 coins, get 99 starter decks of cards and sell them for 20,000. It takes a total of two hours to make about 100,000 (and all the prizes and art.)

Decoder #8

When you visit the Dock Colony for the first time, a woman in front of the clinic tells you of a Fish Detector that her husband lost. Go to the Kukai Foundation's cleaning place and inspect the tuxedo to find the Fish Detector. Talk to the girl in the Iron Man bar, sitting at the lower left table. She says that she lost an important ring and asks you to find it. Go to the Private Beach and go in the water where the fish show up on the radar screen. Run up to every fish and press Circle. Sometimes you will get an item, and sometimes you will not. You can get a Med Kit, a Speed Stim, and the Engagement Ring. If you return to the beach on any return trips, the Med Kit, and Speed Stim will be there again. Give the ring back to the girl in the bar. She will give you the Decoder #8 to open the red door.

General Tips

Whenever possible, fight. You will never know when a Boss is lurking around the corner. Utilize all of your T, E, and S points. Upgrade each attack accordingly and level up your characters. Also save your items (such as medkits and ethers). Whenever possible, evolve your Ethers. One of the most powerful character encountered using is KOS-MOS. She levels up quickly, and when she receives weapons and such she becomes more powerful. Note: In certain parts, KOS-MOS will not be a playble character. Keep your characters at even odds. The game is very unpredictable. Also take advantage of "Booster", as a lot of times you will die. All enemies possess the same abilities as you do. Whenever possible, stock up on Medkits and also upgrade your AGWS's.

Card Passport

On the Elsa, talk to the robot/bartender in the bar.

Casino Passport

In the Durandal, open the chest inside the Game Room to get it.

Battle Passport

After clearing the simulator at the beginning of the game, go back in to where you fought the boss. Open the chest to get the passport.

Drill Passport

You get it from thr drill instructor after clearing the way for him on the Woglinde.

Fish Detector/Engagement Ring

If you're having trouble finding the Fish Detector, it's at the Cleaners in the Kukai Foundation. Just go in, up the first set of stairs on the right, and you will see a white tuxedo hanging on the wall. Check it to get the Fish Detector. With this, go to the beach, into the water, keep catching the fish until you get the Engagement Ring. Take it to the girl in the bar to get Decoder Key 8.

Final Boss Preparations

After getting off the elevator where you had four successive battles, you're almost at the end. Defeat the enemies on the bridge, but don't take the stairs yet. Time to set up your party. Shion and KOS-MOS should be two. The third can be either Jr. or chaos. Set the following skills to your party: Beam-20% for all three; ETH ATK GRD for all three; Speed+25% for Shion and KOS- MOS, Search Eyes for your third member. If you feel you need to use a gear, equip it with Anti- Beam Armor, Guard Recovery, and your choice for the third accessory. I don't really think you need it though, I didn't. Now, make sure Shion has MedicaAll and MedicaRest set for her Ether. She is the only one you need to worry about for EP points. Tech Attacks: For Shion, upgrade Rain Blade to at least Level 6. For KOS-MOS, upgrade X-Buster to at least Level 7(This will be your most important attack). For my third member, Jr., I upgraded Angelic Requiem to Level 7. Any Tech Points left over should be used to upgrade Shion's Gravity Well and KOS-MOS' Dragon Buster. For equipment, have the best gear equipped. Equip Shion with a Boost Pack so you have a boost ready for her if you need to heal. Time to fight, keeping in mind that after you defeat Albedo, you watch a movie, and then have to fight The Core. Albedo shouldn't be too tough as long as you have the Speed+25% Skill set in. Use your physical attacks(Shion-Gravity Well; KOS- MOS' Dragon Buster) and keep your party at or near full health(this should be Shion's top priority). After defeating Albedo, watch the movie, and when the battle with The Core begins heal yourself immediately, if necessary(and keep an eye on Shion's EP). Use Boost whenever possible, especially during the Empty Event Slot so you can attack in the Hi-Critical Event Slot. It will have two sets of support fighters. The first set will self-destruct as its attack but shouldn't cause too much damage. The second set has an ETH ATK DWN attack but you should be okay if you have the ETH ATK GRD Skill set in. Once that set is defeated, it's just you versus The Core. Again, make sure your party is at or near full health because its most devastating Beam Attack can cause serious amounts of damage. Even with the Beam-20% Skill set in, it can cause about 700 pts of damage to each party member. If you survive it, heal to full strength immediately using Shion's Ether and MedKit DX with the other members. It was only used once against me, but I can't guarentee it won't use it twice. So keep your party at full strength. Now just keep attacking and you should have very little problem defeating it. Sit back and enjoy the ending movie.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Xenosaga yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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