Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel GBA - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel GBA - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



Blue Eyes Toon Dragon

To get Toon Blue-Eyes, enter 53183600.

Card Code: United We Stand

To get a card named United We Stand, which gives the card which is equiped to this one 600 AT and DE for each face-up card you have on the feild, press R, then go to Misc. and then press password. At the password screen, type in 56747793.

Valcrion The Magna Warior


Manga Ryu-Ran


Red Eyes Dragon Code

Enter this and get Red-Eyes B. Dragon. 74677422

Toon World And Toons

Toon World: 15259703  Toon Alligator: 59383041  Toon Mermaid: 65458948  Toon Summoned Skull: 91842653  Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon: 53183600  

PeTeR's CaRd CoDeS

Relinquished 64631466 Black Illusion Ritual 41426869 Harpie's Feather Duster 18144506 Blue-Eyes White Dragon 89631136 Black Pendant 65169794 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon 53183600 Manga Ru-Ran 38369349 Toon World 15259703 Toon Summoned Skull 91842653 Summoned Skull 70781052 Magic Jammer 77414722 Monster Reborn 83764718 Change Of Heart 04031928 Valkyrion The Magna Warrior 75347539

I hope these codes help you because they help me all the time. But Just to let you know all of those monsters take tributes.

Card Passwords

Enter the passwords listed below to get the corresponding card.

CARD         PASSWORD  Hane-Hane 07089711    Haniwa 84285623   Happy Lover 99030164    Hard Armor 20060230    Harpie Lady 76812113    Harpie Lady Sisters 12206212    Harpie's Brother 30532390    Harpie's Feather Duster 18144506    Harpie's Pet Dragon 52040216    Heavy Storm 19613556    Hercules Beetle 52584282    Hero of the East 89987208    Hibikime 64501875   High Tide Gyojin 54579801    Hinotama 46130346   Hinotama Soul 96851799    Hiro's Shadow Scout 81863068    Hitodenchak 46718686    Hitotsu-Me Giant 76184692    Holograh 10859908   Horn Imp 69669405   Horn of Heaven 98069388    Horn of Light 38552107    Horn of the Unicorn 64047146    Hoshiningen 67629977    Hourglass of Courage 43530283    Hourglass of Life 08783685    House of Adhesive Tape 15083728    Hunter Spider 80141480    Hyo 38982356   Hyosube 02118022   Hyozanryu 62397231    Ice Water 20848593    Ill Witch 81686058    Illusionist Faceless Mage 28546905    Imperial Order 61740673    Insect Armor with Laser Cannon 03492538    Insect Queen 91512835    Insect Soldiers of the Sky 07019529    Inspection 16227556    Invader from Another Dimension 28450915    Invader of the Throne 03056267    Invigoration 98374133    Jellyfish 14851496    Jigen Bakudan 90020065    Jinzo 77585513   Jinzo #7 32809211   Jirai Gumo 94773007    Judge Man 30113682    Just Desserts 24068492    Kagemusha of the Blue Flame 15401633    Kageningen 80600490    Kairyu-Shin 76634149    Kaiser Dragon 94566432    Kamakiriman 68928540    Kaminari Attack 09653271    Kaminarikozou 15510988    Kamionwizard 41544074    Kanikabuto 84103702    Karate Man 23289281    Karbonala Warrior 54541900    Kattapillar 81179446    Key Mace #2 20541432    Killer Needle 88979991    King Fog 84686841   King of Yamimakai 69455834    Kiseitai 04266839   Kojikocy 01184620   Kotodama 19406822   Koumori Dragon 67724379    Krokodilus 76512652    Kumootoko 56283725    Kunai with Chain 37390589    Kurama 85705804   Kuriboh 40640057   Kwagar Hercules 95144193  

Card Passwords

Enter the passwords listed below to get the corresponding card.

CARD         PASSWORD  Earthshaker 60866277    Eatgaboon 42578427    Eldeen 06367785   Electric Lizard 55875323    Electric Snake 11324436    Electro-Whip 37820550    Elegant Egotist 90219263    Elf's Light 39897277    Empress Judge 15237615    Enchanted Javelin 96355986    Enchanting Mermaid 75376965    Eradicating Aerosol 94716515    Eternal Draught 56606928    Eternal Rest 95051344    Exchange 05556668   Exile of the Wicked 26725158    Exodia the Forbidden One 33396948    Eyearmor 64511793   Fairy Dragon 20315854    Fairy's Hand Mirror 17653779    Fairywitch 37160778    Faith Bird 75582395    Fake Trap 03027001    Feral Imp 41392891    Fiend Kraken 77456781    Fiend Reflection #1 68870276    Fiend Reflection #2 02863439    Fiend Sword 22855882    Fiend's Hand 52800428    Final Flame 73134081    Fire Kraken 46534755    Fire Reaper 53581214    Firegrass 53293545    Fireyarou 71407486    Fissure 66788016   Flame Cerebrus 60862676    Flame Champion 42599677    Flame Ghost 58528964    Flame Manipulator 34460851    Flame Swordsman 45231177 or 40502030    Flame Viper 02830619    Flash Assailant 96890582    Flower Wolf 95952802    Flying Kamakiri #1 84834865    Flying Kamakiri #2 03134241    Follow Wind 98252586    Forced Requisition 74923978    Forest 87430998   Frenzied Panda 98818516    Fusion Sage 26902560    Fusionist 01641882    Gaia 06368038   Gaia Power 56594520    Gaia the Dragon Champion 66889139    Gaia The Fierce Knight 06368038 or 00603060    Gale Dogra 16229315    Gamma The Magnet Warrior 11549357    Ganigumo 34536276   Garma Sword 90844184    Garma Sword Oath 78577570    Garnecia Elefantis 49888191    Garoozis 14977074   Garvas 69780745   Gatekeeper 19737320    Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts 05818798    Gearfried The Iron Knight 00423705    Gemini Elf 69140098    Genin 49370026   Germ Infection 24668830    Ghoul with an Appetite 95265975    Giant Flea 41762634    Giant Germ 95178994    Giant Mech-Soldier 72299832    Giant Rat 97017120    Giant Red Seasnake 58831685    Giant Scorpion of the Tundra 41403766    Giant Soldier of Stone 13039848    Giant Trunade 42703248    Giant Turtle Who Feeds on Flames 96981563    Gift of The Mystical Elf 98299011    Giganto 33621868   Giga-tech Wolf 08471389    Giltia the D. Knight 51828629    Goblin Fan 04149689    Goblin's Secret Remedy 11868825    Goddess of Whim 67959180    Goddess with the Third Eye 53493204    Gokibore 15367030   Graceful Charity 79571449    Graceful Dice 74137509    Grappler 02906250   Gravedigger Ghoul 82542267    Gravekeeper's Servant 16762927    Graverobber 61705417    Graveyard and the Hand of Invitation 27094595    Great Bill 55691901    Great Mammoth of Goldfine 54622031    Great White 13429800    Green Phantom King 22910685    Greenkappa 61831093    Griffore 53829412   Griggle 95744531   Ground Attacker Bugroth 58314394    Gruesome Goo 65623423    Gryphon Wing 55608151    Guardian of the Labyrinth 89272878    Guardian of the Sea 85448931    Guardian of the Throne Room 47879985    Gust 73079365   Gust Fan 55321970   Gyakutenno Megami 31122090  

Card Passwords

Enter the passwords listed below to get the corresponding card.

CARD       PASSWORD  Toad Master 62671448    Togex 33878931   Toll 82003859   Tomozaurus 46457856    Tongyo 69572024   Toon Alligator 59383041    Toon Mermaid 65458948    Toon Summoned Skull 91842653    Toon World 15259703    Torike 80813021   Total Defense Shogun 75372290    Trakadon 42348802   Trap Hole 04206964    Trap Master 46461247    Trent 78780140   Trial of Nightmare 77827521    Tribute to The Doomed 79759861    Tripwire Beast 45042329    Turtle Tiger 37313348    Twin Long Rods #2 29692206    Twin-Headed Fire Dragon 78984772    Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon 54752875    Two-Headed King Rex 94119974    Two-Mouth Darkruler 57305373    Two-Pronged Attack 83887306    Tyhone 72842870   Tyhone #2 56789759    Type Zero Magic Crusher 21237481    UFO Turtle 60806437    Ultimate Offering 80604091    Umi 22702055   Umiiruka 82999629   Unknown Warrior of Fiend 97360116    Upstart Goblin 70368879    Uraby 01784619   Ushi Oni 48649353   Valkyrion the Magna Warrior 75347539    Vermillion Sparrow 35752363    Versago the Destroyer 50259460    Vile Germs 39774685    Violent Rain 94042337    Violet Crystal 15052462    Vishwar Randi 78556320    Vorse Raider 14898066    Waboku 12607053   Wall of Illusion 13945283    Warrior Elimination 90873992    Warrior of Tradition 56413937    Wasteland 23424603    Water Element 03732747    Water Girl 55014050    Water Magician 93343894    Water Omotics 02483611    Waterdragon Fairy 66836598    Weather Control 37243151    Weather Report 72053645    Whiptail Crow 91996584    White Hole 43487744    White Magical Hat 15150365    Wicked Mirror 15150371    Widespread Ruin 77754944    Windstorm of Etaqua 59744639    Wing Egg Elf 98582704    Winged Cleaver 39175982    Winged Dragon,Guardian of the Fortress #1   87796900   Wings of Wicked Flame 92944626    Wingweaver 31447217    Witch of the Black Forest 78010363    Witch's Apprentice 80741828    Witty Phantom 36304921    Wodan the Resident of the Forest 42883273    Wood Remains 17733394    World Suppression 12253117    Wow Warrior 69750536    Wretched Ghost of the Attic 17238333    Yado Karu 29380133    Yaiba Robo 10315429    Yamatano Dragon Scroll 76704943    Yami 59197169   Yaranzo 71280811   Zanki 30090452   Zoa 24311372   Zombie Warrior 31339260    Zone Eater 86100785  

Code For Mirror Force

The code for Mirror Force is44095762

Card Passwords

Enter the passwords listed below to get the corresponding card.

CARD         PASSWORD  La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp 97590747   Labyrinth Tank 99551425    Lady of Faith 17358176    LaLa Li-oon 09430387    Larvae 94675535   Laser Cannon Armor 77007920    Last Day of Witch 90330453    Last Will 85602018    Laughing Flower 42591472    Launcher Spider 87322377 or 80703020    Lava Battleguard 20394040    Left Arm of the Forbidden One 07902349    Left Leg of the Forbidden One 44519536    Legendary Sword 61854111    Leghul 12472242   Leogun 10538007   Lesser Dragon 55444629    Light of Intervention 62867251    Lightforce Sword 49587034    Liquid Beast 93108297    Little Chimera 68658728    Little D 42625254   Lord of D  17985575    Lord of the Lamp 99510761    Lord of Zemia 81618817    Luminous Spark 81777047    Lunar Queen Elzaim 62210247    Mabarrel 98795934   Machine Conversion Factory 25769732    Machine King 46700124    Magic Cylinder 62279055    Magic Jammer 77414722    Magic Thorn 53119267    Magical Ghost 46474915    Magical Hats 81210420    Magical Labyrinth 64389297    Magic-Arm Shield 96008713    Magician of Faith 31560081    Maha Vailo 93013676    Maiden of the Moonlight 79629370    Major Riot 09074847    Malevolent Nuzzler 99597615    Mammoth Graveyard 40374923    Man Eater 93553943    Man-Eater Bug 54652250    Man-Eating Black Shark 80727036    Man-Eating Plant 49127943    Man-Eating Treasure Chest 13723605    Manga Ryu-Ran 38369349    Marine Beast 29929832    Masaki the Legendary Swordsman 44287299    Mask of Darkness 28933734    Masked Sorcerer 10189126    Master & Expert 75499502    Mavelus 59036972   Mechanical Snail 34442949    Mechanical Spider 45688586    Mechanicalchaser 07359741    Meda Bat 76211194   Mega Thunderball 21817254    Megamorph 22046459    Megazowler 75390004    Meotoko 53832650   Mesmeric Control 48642904    Messenger of Peace 44656491    Metal Detector 75646520    Metal Dragon 09293977    Metal Fish 55998462    Metal Guardian 68339286    Metalmorph 68540058    Metalzoa 50705071   Millennium Golem 47986555    Millennium Shield 32012841    Milus Radiant 07489323    Minar 32539892   Minomushi Warrior 46864967    Mirror Force 44095762    Mirror Wall 22359980    Misairuzame 33178416    Molten Destruction 19384334    Monster Egg 36121917    Monster Eye 84133008    Monster Reborn 83764718    Monster Tamer 97612389    Monstrous Bird 35712107    Moon Envoy 45909477    Mooyan Curry 58074572    Morinphen 55784832    Morphing Jar 33508719    Morphing Jar #2 79106360    Mother Grizzly 57839750    Mountain 50913601   Mountain Warrior 04931562    Mr. Volcano 31477025    Muka Muka 46657337    Mushroom Man 14181608    Mushroom Man #2 93900406    Musician King 56907389    M-Warrior #1 56342351    M-Warrior #2 92731455    Mysterious Puppeteer 54098121    Mystic Clown 47060154    Mystic Horseman 68516705    Mystic Lamp 98049915    Mystic Plasma Zone 18161786    Mystic Probe 49251811    Mystic Tomato 83011277    Mystical Capture Chain 63515678    Mystical Elf 15025844    Mystical Moon 36607978    Mystical Sand 32751480    Mystical Sheep #1 30451366    Mystical Sheep #2 83464209    Mystical Space Typhoon 05318639 

Card Passwords

Enter the passwords listed below to get the corresponding card.

CARD         PASSWORD  Saber Slasher 73911410    Saggi the Dark Clown 66602787    Salamandra 32268901    Sand Stone 73051941    Sangan 26202165   Sea Kamen 71746462    Sea King Dragon 23659124    Seal of the Ancients 97809599    Sebek's Blessing 22537443    Sectarian of Secrets 15507080    Senju of the Thousand Hands 23401839    Seven Tools of the Bandit 03819470    Shadow Specter 40575313    Share the Pain 56830749    Shield & Sword 52097679    Shining Fairy 95956346    Shovel Crusher 71950093    Silver Bow and Arrow 01557499    Silver Fang 90357090    Sinister Serpent 08131171    Skelengel 60694662    Skelgon 32355828   Skull Dice 00126218    Skull Mariner 05265750    Skull Red Bird 10202894    Skull Servant 32274490    Skull Stalker 54844990    Skullbird 08327462    Sleeping Lion 40200834    Slot Machine 03797883    Snake Fang 00596051    Snakeyashi 29802344    Snatch Steal 45986603    Sogen 86318356   Solemn Judgment 41420027    Solemn Wishes 35346968    Solitude 84794011   Solomon's Lawbook 23471572    Sonic Bird 57617178    Sonic Maid 38942059    Sorcerer of the Doomed 49218300    Soul Hunter 72869010    Soul of the Pure 47852924    Soul Release 05758500    Sparks 76103675   Spear Cretin 58551308    Spellbinding Circle 18807108    Spike Seadra 85326399    Spirit of the Books 14037717    Spirit of the Harp 80770678    Stain Storm 21323861    Star Boy 08201910   Steel Ogre Grotto #1 29172562    Steel Ogre Grotto #2 90908427    Steel Scorpion 13599884    Steel Shell 02370081    Stim-Pack 83225447    Stone Armadiller 63432835    Stone Ogre Grotto 15023985    Stop Defense 63102017    Stuffed Animal 71068263    Succubus Knight 55291359    Summoned Skull 70781052    Supporter in the Shadows 41422426    Swamp Battleguard 40453765    Sword Arm of Dragon 13069066    Sword of Dark Destruction 37120512    Sword of Deep-Seated 98495314    Sword of Dragon's Soul 61405855    Swords of Revealing Light 72302403    Swordsman from a Foreign Land 85255550    Swordstalker 50005633    Tailor of the Fickle 43641473    Tainted Wisdom 28725004    Takriminos 44073668    Takuhee 03170832   Tao the Chanter 46247516    Temple of Skulls 00732302    Tenderness 57935140    Terra the Terrible 63308047    The 13th Grave 00032864    The Bewitching Phantom Thief 24348204    The Bistro Butcher 71107816    The Cheerful Coffin 41142615    The Drdek 08944575    The Eye of Truth 34694160    The Flute of Summoning Dragon 43973174    The Forceful Sentry 42829885    The Furious Sea King 18710707    The Immortal of Thunder 84926738    The Inexperienced Spy 81820689    The Little Swordsman of Aile 25109950    The Regulation of Tribe 00296499    The Reliable Guardian 16430187    The Shallow Grave 43434803    The Snake Hair 29491031    The Stern Mystic 87557188    The Thing That Hides in the Mud 18180762    The Unhappy Maiden 51275027    The Wandering Doomed 93788854    The Wicked Worm Beast 06285791    Three-Headed Geedo 78423643    Three-Legged Zombies 33734439    Thunder Dragon 31786629    Tiger Axe 49791927 or 40907090    Time Machine 80987696    Time Seal 35316708    Time Wizard 71625222 


We have no unlockables for Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Deck Limitations OFF

After you beat Marik and his gang you will be presented with a limatation tournaments. After you beat the 8 limatation tournaments press the R button and go to options. Press A twice and then you can choose to have limatations on your deck or not!

Maximillion Pegases

To get Pegasus enter the following codes:

91842653: Toon Summoned skull  53183600: Blue Eyes Toon Dragon  38369349: Manga Ryu Ran  15259703: Toon World  
Note:You may get Pegasus anytime during the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beat Odion

The best way to beat Odion is to get out Jinzo. Your traps may not work but most of Odion's deck is made up of traps. From there on just keep hacking at his lifepoints and youll win fast.

Kaiba Mokuba Will Go Into

Some times kaiba mokuba will go in to defense mode if you beat him 90 times. But that only a few times I've beaten him over 120 times now & 0 times loss.

Never In Defense Mode

If you duel Kaiba Mokuba you will see that he will never goes in defense mode even when you have a stronger monster on the field. I've beaten him over 50 times only twice that I've seen him use a Blue Eyes Ulitmate monster. If so restart the game and shouldn't have it again.

Pyramid Puzzle

To get to the Marik story (the Pyramid Puzzle), you must defeat all of Marik's Ghouls once. They are Arakana, Strings, Rare Hunter, Lumis and Umbra, and Odion. When you do, Solomon will come to you and tell you Tea's been acting weird. Tea comes, but she is controled by Marik. She'll take you to the Pyramid Puzzle, where you must defeat each duelist to get to the end. Tea will be first, but be warned, she's more powerful than her normal self. After you defeat her, she'll go back to normal and tell you Joey's been possessed also. You'll then face a random Ghoul in the next two rooms, then you'll face Dark Joey. He's more powerful also, so be careful. You'll face one more Ghoul then Yami Marik. After you defeat him, he'll go back to normal, and take you back to Battle City. Now you can face regular Marik, all the Ghouls, and Shadii will be available as a new duelist, whenever you want.

Mokuba Kaiba Has Cyber-Stein

Sometimes when you duel Mokuba Kaiba, he will have Cyber-Stein and he will have Blue-Eyes Ulimate Drogon in his Fusion Deck. So if he has a card in his Fusion Deck get him down to less then 5000 life points quick!!

Fast Easy Win

After the game begans. You have to battle just a bit. When you see Kaiba Mokuba!!! challenge him he has the weakest deck in all the game. But when he has the blue eyes ultimate dragon you should restart the game challenge him again & he shouldn't have that again.

Card Codes

If you have real Yu-Gi-Oh! game cards, look in the lower left corner and you will see a number. Enter this number in the password section to get that card.

Easy Way To Deafeat Dark Marik

The easiest way to defeat dark marik in the phantom pyrimad, is to let him set down his limit of magic and trap cards, because he usually does. Also, the most common monster he sets down is vorse raider, like all the other ghouls. The part to pay the most attention to, is let him run out of cards in his deck, and make sure you don't. (note: try not to SUMMON any monsters, but you can set because you'll most likely need to build up your defenses, and he could destroy your face up monsters with trap hole, torrentel tribbute, ect.)

Little Yugi

When you fight against Yugi Moto and you lose, when next time you fight with him, he will turn into Little Yugi.

Marik Tranformed!

Some time when you fight with Marik Ishtar he will tranformed to other form.

Rare Cards

Hysteric Fairy:21297224  Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer:88240808  Fire Princess:64752646  Marie the Fallen One:57579381  Maryokutai:71466592  Spirit of Flames:13522325  Humanoid Slime:46821314  Fusion Gate:33550694  Restructer Revolution:99518961  Torrential Tribute:53582587  Mustical Refpanel:35563539  Shining Abys:87303357  Fire Sorcerer:27132350  Bio-Mage:58696829  Fairy Guardian:22419772  Flying Fish:31987274  Swordsman of Landstar:03573512  

Unlocking Packs

BEWD (LoB): Obtain a BEWD card    Exodia (phantom God): Obtain an Exodia card    BSD (revival of the Black Demon Dragon): Obtain a Red-eyes Black Dragon card    Barrel Dragon (metal raiders): Obtain a Barrel Dragon card    Relinquished (magic Ruler): must maintain at least 5000 DP    Blue-eyes toon Dragon (pharaoh's servant): Must maintain at least 10,000 DP    Buster Blader (curse of Anubis): Must maintain at least 20,000 DP    Legendary Fisherman (TEB): Must maintain at least 30,000 DP    Unknown monster (possibly Spell of mask): Beat the KC tournament, the   challenger's tournament, and one saturday weekly tournament    Final (LoN); Defeat the following characters at least ten times:  Yugi, Tea, Joey, Bakura, Seto Kaiba, Isis, Rex Raptor, Weevil Underwood,   Trusdale, Mai, Esper Roba, and Mako Tsunami     BEUD (premium pack 3): beat the saturday weekly tournament once    Dark Magician Girl (premium pack 4): beat the sturday weekly tournament 10 times    Black Meteor Dragon??? (premium pack 5): Must maintain at least 30,000 DP    Graceful charity (booster chronicle): win 3 in a row. If you lose this pack   disappears until you win another 3 in a row.    Red milenium eye (trap selection): you must have over 500 cards total    Green milenium eye (Magic selection): you must have over 1000 cards total    Purple Millenium Puzzle (rare selection): You must have over 541 different cards  

Early Weekly Packs

You do not have to battle until Monday to get the weekly Yu-Gi-Oh pack. Talk to other people to change the days of the week.

Bandit Keith

Get a record with five more wins than losses with the following: Yugi Moto, Tea Gardener, Joey Wheeler, Bakura Ryou, Seto Kaiba, Ishizu Ishtar, Rex Raptor, Weevil Underwood, Solomon Moto, Mai Valentine, Espa Roba, Mako Tsunami, Mokuba Kaiba, Maximillion Pegasus, Seeker/Rare Hunter, Strings, Odion, Umbra and Lumis, Arkana, Marik Ishtar, and Shadi.

Duke Devlin

Defeat the following characters at least one time: Yugi Moto, Tea, Joey, Bakura, Seto Kaiba, Ishizu, Rex, Weevil, Solomon, Mai, Espa Roba, Mako, Mokuba, Bandit Keith, Maximillion Pegasus, Seeker/Rare Hunter, Strings, Odion, Umbra & Lumis, Arkana, Marik, and Shadi.

Mokuba Kaiba

Lose a total of ten times.

Maximillion Pegausus

Get the Toon World magic card.

Shadi, Odion, And The Rare Hunters

Complete the Phantom Pyramid

Finding Ghouls

Whenever an alert comes on about people stealing cards, there should be a passenger in the place that you last dueled or talked to a passenger. That passenger will most likely be a Ghoul (i.e. Arkana, Strings, Rare Hunter, etc.)

Duel Points

In the Japanese version, the duel points are for the card passwords. In the North American version, you can get the cards without needing 500 duel points.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Glitch: Zombyra The Dark

Zombyra the Dark (88472456) has the letters ZOMBRE, but it does not appear as such on the actual Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game card.

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