Zelda: Links Awakening DX Game Boy - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Zelda: Links Awakening DX Game Boy - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



Bonus Music

Enter "ZELDA" as a case-sensitive name.


We have no unlockables for The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Fly With Rooster While In Water

When in the water normally you can only dive by pressing B but if you have the power bracelet equipped move to the next screen then almost immediately press B to pick the Rooster up and you will be flying even though you were in the water. This is handy if you don't want to swim to a latter to get out and you see a bridge near you to get on (like where the monkeys built you a bridge).

Chicken Frenzy

If you find a chicken and you are bored start hitting it with your sword for a while and a whole bunch of chickens will come flying and attack you. The only way to stoopit is if you turn the game off or leave that area.

Save 90% On Raft Ride Cost

When you go to the raft ride on Link's Awakening DX talk to the guy he will say it costs 100 rupees. Pay the money and go to the raft. Once you are at the very last part of the ride as you fall down the waterfall save and quit. If you had 999 rupees at first then now you will have not 899 but 989.

How To Beat The Third Level Boss

When you enter the boss chamber, you will notice that all of these green blobs will fall down around you. Then you want to equip the Pegasus Boots and ram the wall, when you do that the boss will fall down. When the boss falls down, there is this big giant eye in the middle, walk up to the eye and hit it with your sword until it is almost apart. then equip the Pegasus boots and sword. Next run towards the middle part and ram your sword into the thin part of the boss and he'll turn into two little blobs. Every time you hit one of those they will go up in the air and try to squash you, if you hit the two blobs enough they'll die and you con get the next instrument.

Mean Marin

If you have Marin with you and you have her song play it and she will insult you this is pretty funny it will work as long as Marin is with just keep playing as you wish. Note: This is not part of the game it is just for fun.

Kill The Nightmares Easily

when you get inside the egg use the route you saw in the small print book and then fall down the hole that you find. the nightmares will talk to you. #1 can be killed with 3 sprinkles of magic powder. #2 can be killed by hitting his energy balls bak at him. #3 can be killed by hitting his blinking tail #4 can be killed by hitting him between the legs. #5 can be killed by hitting it in the head with the bommerang once or many hits of your sword. #6 can be killed only when its eye is open with lots of arrows or if you hit his eye just right with the boomerang you can kill it in one shot.

Jump Further

To jump further, you must have Roc's feather and the Pegesus boots. Next, equip both of them in any slot and then use the pegisus boots to run. Hold that button down then use Roc's feather and Link will jump further.

Chicken Money

You CAN kill the chickens!! After you receive the magic rod, go back to Mabe village or any other location with a chicken or a cat. Use the magic rod on them and you will kill them and receive a blue rupee. This also works on the cats.

Fish Monster Picture

Go to animal village after collecting the magnifying glass. Go in the house in the north-east. A fish monster will appear and speak to you.

Have Marin Get Thrown Out Of Crane Mini-game

Go to the Crane mini-game after Marin is following you around. She will ask if she can play. Answer yes and she will play, then pick up the Crane operator to get thrown out.

Crane Mini-game

Position the crane on the top left side of the screen, with the shadow over the left moving conveyer belt. Wait until the desired item in the bottom right corner before dropping the crane.

Mad Batter Locations

There are three places where the Mad Batter is located. The first location is in the Mysterious Forest. Go to the fairy in the Mysterious Forest and move left one screen. Lift the rock to reveal a secret stairway. Descend and sprinkle magic powder on the well. The second location is two screens to the right of the ghost's house. Blow up the bushes with explosive arrows. Jump the pit and enter, then move across the cave and swim through the water with your flippers. After leaving the water, move left and walk down the stairway. Again, sprinkle magic powder on the well. The final location is at Tal Tal Heights. Go to the Hen House and move left one screen. A lone bush will eventually appear after a couple of screens. Cut it to reveal another stairway. Go across the cave and get out. Keep moving left and up the mountain, then move left again. A lone rock should appear. Pick it up and walk down the stairways. Sprinkle magic powder again. Link should get 60 Arrows, 60 Bombs, and 40 Magic Powder.

Bonus Seashells

Find exactly five secret seashells, then go to the Seashell Mansion. Enter, then walk right until finding the water flowing up a big pipe. Another bonus shell can be found by doing this with exactly ten seashells. Note: Return to the Seashell Mansion with twenty seashells to obtain a level two power sword. This sword can shoot when your character's life is full.

Wall Check

Use the sword to stab at the walls. If a hollow clank is heard, a bomb may be used to open the wall.


Obtain the Boomerang and the Rooster. Throw the Boomerang and pick up the Rooster. The Boomerang should hover below you. You cannot get attacked by normal enemies but you may attack them.


Your character can steal from shops by taking an item, and standing above the store keeper. As he looks towards the top of the screen, use the door to leave the shop. Note: Your character will be branded a thief and may never return to the same shop. However, the game can be saved and reloaded if your character is killed by a store keeper, which allows the store to be re-entered without penalty.

All Picture Locations

In the picture shop talk to the owner while by yourself (i.e. no Bow-Bow, Marin, or   Flying Rooster). It is a picture of Link giving a peace sign. When you agree to   have your picture taken, keep answering "No" to all of the photographers offers   for it to be a picture of Link sitting on the ground with a dazed look.    When Marin is with you go to the bluff at the beach. It is a picture of Marin and   Link looking out at the ocean.     When Marin is with you jump into the well one screen north of the Library. It is a   picture of Marin falling on Link.     When Marin is with you stand in front of the chicken statue in Mabe Village. It is a   picture of Marin, Tarin, and Link posing in front of the chicken statue.     Look in the right window of Ulrira's house. It is a picture of Ulrira talking and   laughing on the phone.     Walk beside Bow-Bow's post where he is chained. It is a picture of Link getting   chased by Bow-Bow.     Steal from the Shop in Mabe Village. It is a picture of Link stealing from the Shop.     After getting the magnifying lens go back to where you got the necklace and get   in the boat and talk to the fisherman. It is a picture of the fisherman splashing   around in the water.     Go into the house in the upper right corner of the Animal Village and walk into the   pool of water after getting the magnifying lens. It is a picture of Link and a Zora   posing together.     Talk to Richard, then go to the front of the castle when the gates are still closed.   It is a picture of Link and Richard posing in front of the castle gates.     When the ghost is following you take it back to the empty house on the bay, then   take it to the single grave west of the cemetery. After doing that return to the   grave. It is a picture of Link and the ghost posing at the gravestone.     In the mountains go east all the way from the house with all the chickens in it,   then walk to the middle of the bridge. It is a picture taken just as the   photographer falls off of the bridge.  

Heart Piece Locations

Refer to the game map as a grid with 1 to 16 going left to right and A to Z going up and down. The heart pieces are located at the following coordinates:

  1: 1-K  2: 2-I  3: 5-E  4: 3-G  5: 15-M  6: 9-H  7: 15-C  8: 14-M  9: 7-H  10: 8-A  11: 2-A  12: 7-I  
A heart can also be found surrounded by holes in the forest when trying to rescue Bow-Bow.

Always Have Marin

Complete the first three levels and get Marin as a follower. Use the teleport hole to travel to the animal village. Move to the left, then press Select just when you are about to enter the next screen. Your character should move across the screen. Marin will now remain in your party for the duration of the game.

Cheaper Purchases

Select an expensive item from the counter, and begin payment. As your character's rupees are being deducted, quickly press A + B + Start + Select, then save and quit the game. Reload the saved game to keep the item and most of the rupees used to purchase it.

Easy Money

In level three, the Boss will taunt you and say that you will never find him. To get infinite rupies, get to the Boss, but do not ram the wall with the Pegasus Boots. Kill the blobs that fall on the screen for easy money.

Secret Seashell Locations

#1 Mabe village. Mow down the bushes south of the shop there is a seashell under one.    #2 Dig (with the shovel) in the garage connected to Madame Meowmeow's house. There is a seshell in the south east corner.    #3 The Tail Cave. Bomb down the left wall in room 4-d to find the seashell in the   treasure chest.    #4 Mysterious forest. After getting the Power bracelet return here and get a sheasell out of a chest in the southern part of the mysterios forest.     #5 Ukuku Prairie. Dig near the ghost's grave in the middle of a few plants to get   a seashell.    #6 Seashell Mansion. Come here when you have exatly 5 shells to get a 6th.     #7 Ukuku prairie. An x marks the spot just north of Key Cavern.     #8 Ukuku Prairie. On the plateau east of Key Cavern the owl sign says to dig near him. There is a seashell there.     #9 Ukuku Prairie. At the place where there are lots of smooth stones and moblins pick up the rock to get a seashell.      #10 Ukuku prairie. East of the Seashell Mansion there are some bushes cut them down to get a seashell.     #11 Seashell Mansion. Go there when you have exatly 10 seashells to get your 11th.    #12 Martha's Bay. On the screen where you can sea the mermaid statue (across the bay) cut down the bush for a sheashell.    #13 Richard's Villa. After returning the golden leaves to Richard, go down the secret passage take the left side for a shell.    #14 By the tail cave west of the tail cave is a lone tree dash it to get a shell.    #15 By the phone booth north west of key cavern is another tree near the phone booth dash it to get a seashell.    #16 Martha's bay. Dig in the space near the owl sign north east of the mermaid statue.    #17 Yarna Desert. Cross the east border of the Yarna desert to lift the boulder and uncover a seashell.    #18 The face shrine. Use the level 2 power braclet to move a statue in the face shrine follow the steps to find a shell.    #19 By the Key cavern. Near the key cavern is an island where a seashell grows.    #20 Martha's Bay. You'll find a suspicious island south of Martha's bay, with a bush on it. Demolish the bush to get a shell.    #21 The Ghost House. After you return the Ghost to his grave, he'll tell you to look in his house a seashell (it's under a pot).    #22 Tal Tal Heights. Cross the bridge to the right of the egg. Pick up a stone to find a shell.    #23 Tal Tal Heights. Work your way to the treasure chest by going thru lots of caves.    #24 Near the Face Shrine. Exit the Face shrine from 1-A to come up in the rapids. The treasure chest you see has a seashell.    #25 Oustide Kanalet Castle. Reach the secret stairs just south west of Kanalet castle by using the rooster to fly over the five pits.    #26 Inside Turtle Rock. Fall thru the left most pit in the room Hinox to land on an edge. Go north to find a seashell in a treasure chest.  


Configure the bombs and arrows as the two button items, then press A + B to shoot.

Alternate Ending Sequence

Successfully complete the game without using any continues. Then during the ending sequence, Marin will fly across the screen with wings.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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