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How to play many sports in GTA 5?

When someone thinks of things they can do in GTA 5, relaxing and nonviolent activities like Yoga and Golf are probably the last thing on their mind. The GTA franchise enjoyed controversy with hyper-violent escapes that seem to be awarded to a large fan base.

However, GTA 5 doesn’t just feature some nonviolent activities players can engage in outside of missions. It includes a wide variety of sports. From being able to meditate on the top of a mountain and do Yoga to grueling Triathlon, players can play a variety of sports.

Players don’t always have to blow up cars and cause chaos in GTA 5. They can enjoy the game in their spare time. Here are some sports and how to play them in the game.

How to play sports in GTA 5?

1. Golf GTA 5

golf grand theft auto v
golf gta v

In the dearth of a quality Golf game in recent times, GTA V is probably the best bet for players looking to play a game of Golf from the comfort of their homes. There are plenty of Golf Courses in Los Santos, and players only need to go to the Map Marker with a “Flag” icon and pay a small fee to start playing Golf.

Players must drive to the destination, step in front of the door, press the Interaction button, and pay up. After which, they can Golf for as long as they like.

2. Triathlon GTA 5

triathlon grand theft auto v
triathlon gta v

This is by far the most exciting of all sports available in GTA V and will test the player’s endurance as well as the characters’. It is recommended that players max out their Stamina Stats before participating in the race.

The player must cycle, swim, and run towards the finish line, and a camera crew will be covering the race at all times, with proper commentary. Simply proceed to the “Running Man” icon on the map to participate in the Triathlon in GTA V.

3. Yoga GTA 5

yoga grand theft auto v
yoga gta v

Yoga can be performed in various locations, such as on the top of Mount Gordo or in Michael’s house towards the back. The icon of a person in meditation will be present on the map to indicate the location where players can begin the Yoga mini-game.

Note: Only Michael will be able to perform Yoga.

4. Tennis GTA 5

tennis grand theft auto v
tennis gta v

Tennis can also be played in various locations all over Los Santos by going to the “Racquet” icon on the map. These locations also include Michael’s private tennis court in his house, where Amanda and he can play a game or two.

Tennis is surprisingly well fleshed-out and has controls to learn and perfect.

5. Arm Wrestling GTA 5

arm wrestling grand theft auto v
arm wrestling gta v

Proceed to the icon of a Flexing Arm to participate in a match of Arm Wrestling with an opponent. The game mostly involves mashing buttons, so it shouldn’t be that hard to pick up and play.

6. Darts GTA 5

darts grand theft auto v
darts gta v

Proceed to the icon of a Dartboard to participate in a match of Darts, usually at a bar. The game actually requires a bit of thinking as it is simply more than just hitting a Bullseye all the time.

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Except for Triathlon, the activities mentioned above can play while “Hang Out” with other characters in GTA V such as Jimmy, Michael, Trevor, etc.