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PS 5 & Xbox Series X / Series S real price

I found that the PS 5 (PlayStation 5) and Xbox Series X / S have very high prices in the resale market. It no longer surprises me how every big-ticket holiday gaming gadget sells out almost instantly whenever they’re restocked; the incentive for scalpers is just too high. They’re so high even folks like me, who bought one intending to use it, might have to think twice. (Are you support capitalism?)

Example: The full-fat PS 5 with disc drive sells for $499.99. However, it can easily double its value on eBay: I averaged the actual final sale price of a hundred PS5s, subtracting a few sketchy outliers, to get a street price of $1,024. Remember, that’s not the asking price: it’s what people actually pay for this console.

I’m running the same numbers for the PS 5 Digital Edition and the new Xboxes. Here are the results:

The real price of PS 5 and Xbox Series X / Series S

PS5 (disc)$499$1,024
PS5 (digital)$399$990
Xbox Series X$499$835
Xbox Series S$299$471

I’m not getting rid of open boxes or used consoles to get these numbers, and you can easily see just how strong the demand for the PS5, in particular, is: even the PS5 Digital Edition (no disc drive) is worth about the same as the disc version that sells for over $100.

While scanning, I also noticed that including more games, controllers, or accessories wasn’t even necessary: sometimes that’s enough to justify an extra $100 or $200, but the PS5 doesn’t need it to make $1K or more. (Some Xbox’s with additional accessories seem to be worth $50 to $100 more than others, but people are obviously buying the consoles themselves.) All this means that unless the situation changes drastically, scalping isn’t going to stop any time soon.

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