Youtube down worldwide, but now it’s fixed

A few hours ago, when I do blogging about gaming and listen to an interview on YouTube, the video stops itself and sees the error messages.

But the news in my browser shows that the biggest online video sharing platform is down.

This issue appears to be affecting other services that use the YouTube infrastructure as well, including YT TV and the movies and TV shows you will buy through Google TV (formerly known as Google Play Movies & TV). We can’t load it.

Early in the outage, the YouTube website itself seemed to load just fine, but videos themselves would continuously show the loading wheel. I got a video to load after about a minute. As of about 8:00 PM ET, though, we saw error screens like this whenever we tried to watch a video:

A YouTube error message

At 9:13 PM ET, YouTube gave the all-clear:


Things seemed to be back as early as 8:30 PM ET, but you might have hit a few quirks. At that point, videos played on YouTube’s website seemed to be working as they normally do.

DownDetector showed a truly tremendous number of user reports of problems with YouTube, indicating the problem was widespread — the DownDetector graph peaked with more than 280,000 user reports in less than an hour.

Note: YouTube has recovered from an apparently worldwide outage that prevented the video from loading for about an hour.

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