5 Profitable Businesses in GTA Online

5 Profitable Businesses in GTA Online


Players can never have enough in-game money in GTA Online, which is why having multiple profitable businesses is so important.

The game features a lot of businesses, and unfortunately, not all of them are really worth paying for. There are two things that players should consider before investing in a business:

  • The time and effort it takes for a business to make a lot of money.
  • Initial investment costs.

This article highlights the top five businesses that GTA Online players can start in 2021.

Top 5 GTA Online Businesses To Buy In 2021

Cocaine Locker

Cocaine Locker in GTA Online

The Cocaine Locker is a goldmine for players looking for an in-game source of passive income. Unlike other businesses, Cocaine Locker doesn't require that kind of "break the bank" investment. The cheapest Locker cocaine costs $975,000.

For a business running in the background, Cocaine Locker is very profitable. Players can make $30,000 per hour without doing anything. After the upgrade, which costs $ 1,300,000, players can make huge profits of $74,000 per hour.

The cheapest Locker cocaine costs $975,000.

The only downside of Cocaine Locker is that the sales missions featured in this business are often very tedious, but money makes people do weird things, right?


Nightclub in GTA Online

The Nightclub business is criminally underrated in GTA Online simply because it's one of the most complex businesses in the game.

While Nightclubs' initial investment costs are not very cheap, GTA Online players could easily make a massive return on investment with Nightclubs by making $40,000 per hour doing nothing.

To add a cherry on top, Nightclub doesn't even need a refill as Cocaine Locker does. The business is pretty much running on its own.

Apart from that, the Night Club also opens up other opportunities for players like the famous Terrorbyte. Terrorbyte, in turn, allows players to enjoy five exclusive client top jobs. It also offers a decent discount for the Oppressor MK II - every player's dream.

Vehicle Warehouse

Vehicle Warehouse in GTA Online

Vehicle Warehouse is the most profitable business in GTA Online. Players can make $80,000 every 20 minutes selling high-end luxury vehicles to well-paid Commission officers.

Unlike the Nightclub or Cocaine Locker, Vehicle Warehouse does not create another passive income stream for players. Players will have to put in a lot of work and complete sell missions before they can get a return on their investment.


Bunker in GTA Online

People looking for more than just cash in the GTA Online business should look no further than Bunker.

Not only can players earn $79,000 per hour with Bunker, but they can also take part in one of the most thrilling sales missions featured in GTA Online. Also, Bunker has a special utility vehicle called MOC, which gives players access to several exclusive missions.


Arcade in GTA Online

The retro Arcade business property serves as the front for planning the game's famous Diamond Casino Theft.

It also features many games that GTA Online players can buy and enjoy, such as Badlands Revenge II and Race and Chase: Street Legal. This allows players to make extra cash from the machine, which is always a pleasure in GTA Online.

The Diamond Casino Heist, on the other hand, can net the player at least a million dollars within 90 minutes.

Apart from that, players can also run illegal business operations in the background to earn big bucks.

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