A new Oculus Quest seems to have leaked from all angles, and may soon be launched

A new Oculus Quest seems to have leaked from all angles, and may soon be launched


Earlier this week, we first saw what appeared to be the new Oculus Quest virtual reality headset thanks to the marketing image shared on Twitter. Since then, more images - including those on the device in the wild, and the rumored release date - have appeared online, indicating that the headset will be launched soon.

New images posted on Friday confirmed that this new Quest might look very similar to its successor but could come in a black-and-white color scheme. See for yourself these images that were shared on Reddit:

Oculus Quest

The existence of these units, which seems to be a kind of testing device, shows that the device can get out faster than later.

The faster time frame was strengthened by the Twitter leaker WalkingCat, who shared the first marketing image that emerged this week and has shared credible leaks in the past. They posted what appeared to be more marketing images on Twitter, and in one of their tweets, mentioning the mysterious September 15th, which could indicate when Facebook's Oculus plans to launch this rumored new Quest.

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The company released the first Oculus Quest in May last year, and Adi Robertson said that he had a design without a convenient connection but was less powerful than a wired headset in his review. Facebook has continued to add Quest capabilities since its release, and my colleague Sam Byford declared it a "VR headset to get" in May this year (though they are hard to find in inventory).

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