Among Us Update: New Map And User Profile Could Arrive In December

Among Us Update: New Map And User Profile Could Arrive In December


Among Us has become so popular that InnerSloth developers are continually working on the game to make it better. After adding features such as anonymous voting in the latest update, the development team is now working on a new map and user profile system.

After tackling the recent server attacks, InnerSloth has shifted its focus to delivering this new addition to Among Us early next month.

The players will get a new “Henry Stickmin” map and user profile management by the end of December. For those who don’t know, The Henry Stickmin Collection is another game by the same developer.

Referencing a tweet from one of the co-founders, the report further states the game’s match size will also increase to include 12-15 players in another update. Among Us currently has a limit of 10 players at max.

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The new Henry Stickmin-based map is larger than the currently available “Polus” map. It will surely bring much-needed variety for the players as they only get one spaceship map in every match.

Another addition to the game could be the user profile system. Once profiles arrive, you would get an option to create a friend-list, report offensive behavior within the game, and even report hackers or cheaters when you encounter them.

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These two changes are likely to arrive as soon as next month. As for the match size upgrade, there is still some time before InnerSloth allows more than ten users to play together.

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