5 great moments of GTA 5 from Michael De Santa

5 great moments of GTA 5 from Michael De Santa


Michael De Santa from GTA 5 is a professional assassin with years of experience, which makes him dangerous to his enemies.

Although several GTA 5 characters have commented on how "shapeless" Michael looks, he maintains himself well for a middle-aged man.

After all, he started the game with the most stamina of the three protagonists. With his skill in target shooting, he can fire a bullet into anyone's brain.

Michael started GTA 5 with a bad married life, which meant he had to let go of his deep frustrations. Unfortunately for his enemies, they provide him with stress relief.

Whether it's a bank robbery or teaching someone a lesson in manners, Michael De Santa is a force to be reckoned with.

Five incredible Michael De Santa moments in GTA 5

He protects his daughter

Despite the friction in his family, he cares deeply about them. He is very protective of his daughter, Tracey. Whether it's beating up one of his stalkers or preventing him from engaging with pornography, Michael usually has his best interests at heart (even if he doesn't agree with that).

The most notable examples of his protective nature over Tracey are the two missions involving Lazlow Jones. During a Fame or Shame show, Michael chases a shabby celebrity host after he makes advances on Tracey. Despite his humiliation at the hands of Michael, Lazlow doesn't take the hint.

During the Reuniting the Families mission, Michael must teach Lazlow how to treat women right. After seeing Lazlow urge Tracey to sexually act on him, Michael humiliates her further with forced tattoos and piercings. The lesson is - never mess with a man's daughter.

He kills Rocco Pelosi

Rocco Pelosi is a hated character in Tony's Ballad of Gay, given his racist attitude and disliked personality. Unfortunately, GTA players never get the chance to personally kill him in the game. Instead, he fled from Liberty City to Los Santos to start a different life.

GTA 5 fixes this by having Michael do what Luis Lopez can't - put Rocco in his place. In the "Mr. Richards" mission, Michael gives Rocco a deserved and satisfying beatdown to watch. Michael then kills him in the aptly titled Ballad of Rocco.

Interestingly, Michael was rewarded with a credited role in the upcoming film. At the very least, Rocco's death was the perfect farewell to the hated GTA 4 character. He will definitely not be missed by anyone.

He saves his family from mercenaries

Devon Weston is the worst. Michael and his son Jimmy look forward to the premiere of their long-awaited film, in which Devon brings bad news.

It turns out that he sent his mercenaries after the remaining family members at the De Santa residence, in retaliation for the wrongful murder.

Michael only had two minutes to take out a whole wave of enemy mercenaries. Despite a tight time limit and incredible strength, Michael wins and saves his family.

His son even saved him from the mercenaries; the family is finally together after everything they've been through.

In the end, his family is more important than a bland film prime minister. On the bright side, the film was successful enough to warrant a sequel.

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He robs the Union Depository

The biggest heist in GTA 5 is a milestone in criminal activity. Michael and his highly experienced crew had to steal $200 million worth of gold. The Union Depository was heavily guarded on all fronts, which made it a dangerous place to be robbed. Michael, however, is determined.

If GTA players take a subtle approach, Michael will show his kindness by bribing the security guard instead of killing him outright. Meanwhile, the obvious approach involves Michael distracting the police and drawing attention to himself. He made it out alive.

For all his hard work, Michael received a big payoff. This ranges from $35,000,000 (fine approach) to $45,000,000 (clear approach) in terms of maximum earnings.

He finally gets revenge on Devon Weston

After everything the corrupt billionaire has done to Michael and his family, GTA 5 players can't wait to get their hands on Devon. When Franklin chooses Option C in the final mission, he asks Michael and Trevor to work together to eliminate their remaining enemies, including Devon.

Once all of his security details are taken care of, Devon is left at the mercy of GTA players. He was tied up, gagged, stripped, and put in the trunk of a car.

On the cliffside, Michael sarcastically thanks him for everything before Devon is sent crashing to his death.

With all their enemies gone, Michael can finally retire in peace with his family. He finally found what he was looking for - a loving family to care for.

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