Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Apps In 2021

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Apps In 2021


Cryptocurrency exchanges are all the rage these days, even though the industry is in a turbulent state. This is because people can buy these cryptocurrencies relatively easily with the help of mobile apps. But not all apps offer useful results, and one app may even be better than another. That's why we've rounded up some of the best crypto exchange apps available today.

The success of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium created the way forward for many others to succeed. You may even see some meme-based cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin finding relevant success in a booming market. So it is time for people to consider investing in crypto regardless of whether they want to buy it low and sell it high or even risk it. Yes, you can also technically earn money from cryptocurrencies that you have in your wallet.

Best Crypto Exchange Apps


Coinbase is by far the most popular crypto exchange platform available on the market today. It can be used for all types of traders, from beginners to advanced. There are more than 43 cryptocurrencies available for trading today. With Bitcoin and Etherium being the two big entries, users can also frequently trade in other currencies. However, it took quite a while for new cryptocurrencies to enter the platform. Despite that, many consider it to be the best app for buying cryptocurrencies.

Users can also use real-time order books, charting tools, set up repeat purchases, and place orders themselves quickly. Beginners can also learn about cryptocurrencies while earning cryptocurrency tokens. This can be done by watching videos and taking quizzes about various cryptocurrencies. In terms of security, it is one of the best because it is never hacked.

The only problem is that the fee structure for this service is quite complex and can be very expensive, even when making small purchases. Another thing to note is that you can store all your cryptocurrencies in the Coinbase wallet, which is decentralized. There is also Coinbase's premium offering for advanced users.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easy to operate
  • Educating new users
  • The mobile app mirrors desktop functionality
  • Best for users in the U.S.
  • Insured wallets
  • High liquidity
  • Variety of cryptocurrencies
  • High-level security


  • Complicated fee structure
  • Expensive fee for smaller purchases
  • Takes a while to adopt new currencies
  • User can’t control wallet keys


Binance is the largest crypto trading platform globally, both in trading volume and weekly site visits. Users can trade, buy and sell cryptocurrencies like any other platform. It has two main versions ( and, with each having its own advantages and disadvantages. This is one of the best apps to buy cryptocurrency.

Most people prefer the international version as it supports over 350 cryptocurrencies, making it the only platform that supports multiple currencies. However, the U.S. version still offers its customers to take part in annual prizes (0.5% to 10%) and mining pools.

Many find this platform convenient because of its low cost. However, the debit card transaction fee is 4.5% which is more than others in the market. It also has its own coin (BNB), which can be traded at a lower cost than other currencies due to a 25% discount. The biggest downside is that it is made for advanced users and does not offer crypto savings accounts.


  • Biggest library of supported coins and tokens
  • Fast transaction times
  • Low fees
  • Advanced charting


  • has limited options compared to the international version
  • Limited customer support
  • Made for advanced users
  • Not supported in all states
  • No crypto saving account


eToro is one of the new cryptocurrency exchange platforms and comes with social media trading features. With the help of social media features, you can follow other traders' investments. eToro offers almost all popular cryptocurrencies, which is better than its competitors. However, it has fewer options compared to its competitors.

In terms of price, it's pretty straightforward, which is great but can get a little pricey for anything other than Bitcoin or other major cryptocurrencies. Expect all this, it can also serve as a multi-asset trading platform for those who wish to diversify their investment portfolio.

They also offer a $50 bonus to new customers who open an account and trade $1,000 worth of crypto before August 31, 2021. For beginners, they have a demo account, where you can practice trading before using actual funds.


  • Available worldwide
  • Users can copy other traders portfolios
  • Low minimums to start
  • Popular coins that aren’t on other major exchanges
  • User-friendly app
  • Straightforward fee structure
  • Demo account to practice
  • Multi-asset trading platform for stocks


  • Limited options in the United States
  • Doesn’t support as many tokens and coins as other platforms on this list
  • High fees on some digital currencies
  • Only available in 43 states


Gemini was started by the Winklevoss twins, who created ConnectU, Facebook's predecessor. It has more than 20 cryptocurrencies, including its own currency called the Gemini dollar (GUSD). The Gemini dollar is a stable coin that is linked to the US dollar and can be transferred back at any time.

You can fund your account directly from your bank account or with other currencies stored in other off-site wallets. You can also earn interest on your cryptocurrencies (7.4% on tokens and 3.05% on Bitcoins). In terms of functionality, it has a pretty great mobile app that is very easy to use. You can also use your crypto wallet to buy goods directly from popular retailers with the help of Flexa. Surprisingly, it also has an NFT marketplace where you can buy and sell digital art and collectibles.


  • Very easy to use interface
  • Available in all 50 states, including New York
  • Solid interest rates
  • Good for new and experienced investors
  • Inbuilt marketplace with retailers
  • Quick signups
  • Best insurance and security


  • High fees and pricing structure
  • Charges both commission and convenience fee
  • Poor customer support

Cash App

Cash app is the best app to buy a cryptocurrency for beginners as it allows users to invest a small amount. Add in the fact that there are almost no commissions and it becomes perfect for newcomers. This is one of the few apps where you can buy fractional stocks if you can't afford expensive stocks. As a bonus, you can also trade stocks and ETFs with this app. However, it does not offer mutual funds, stock options, or bonds (at the time of writing).

The Cash app also has beginner tools and tutorials like "My first shares" to learn more about investing. It also functions like a bank account where users can pay rent, transfer money, shop online, and even have their own debit card. For people who want to invest in Bitcoin, this app allows users to withdraw cryptocurrency to their own wallets. This is very important in investing, but you don't have a private key in your wallet.


  • No commissions
  • Perfect for beginner investors
  • Fractional share investing
  • Cash management features
  • Money transfer feature
  • Ability to withdraw Bitcoin
  • Simple user interface


  • Limited investment options
  • Limited account types
  • Only supports Bitcoin and no other cryptocurrencies
  • Daily and weekly withdrawal limits
  • No desktop or web-based platform

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