Call Of Duty Mobile Season 12: Nerf and in-game buffs

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 12: Nerf and in-game buffs


Call Of Duty Mobile is one of the most popular battle royale games in the esports community, with over 300 million downloads worldwide.

The developers also rolled out the new Season 12 update on November 11, adding interesting and exclusive features.

The new season includes some exciting and new features such as the Hackney Yard map, night mode multiplayer, and new battle tickets. It also has an important update of attachments for firearms and nerfs and gun stats fans in the game.

Weapon stats are required when using weapons on virtual battlefields and determine the credibility of players in COD Mobile.

This article lists all the nerf and buff tweaks that were made after the Update in Season 12.

All nerfs and buffs in COD Mobile’s weapon stats after the Season 12 update

The following discussions based on the primary changes made in the gunsmith section of the game in the new season:

Nerfs in weapon stats

Call Of Duty Mobile didn’t make a drastic change when decreasing weapon stats, which can effectively alter the gameplay.

The Echo ShotGun in COD Mobile

The Echo ShotGun in COD Mobile

The Echo and BY15’s damage ranges were reduced to 36 and 40, respectively.  The developers also reduced the range and bullet density of the KRM 262 to 39. These decreased alterations are justified and manageable, as all three guns belong to the Shotgun category.

However, the slightly reduced duration of the Concussion Grenade effect, the reduced duration, and the required activation points for Shadow Blade and Transform Shield Operator skills, respectively, can have a major impact on a player’s style of play.

Buffs in weapon stats

There is a large scale fan made in the new season update by the COD Mobile developers. The newly improved weapon stats will be of great help to both casual and professional players.

The Fennec SMG in COD Mobile

The Fennec SMG in COD Mobile
  • Extended OTM magazine for DR-H. Decreased mobility for an increase in magazine capacity.
  • Thermite Reload for Kilo Bolt-Action. It Continuously burns targets over time and causes extra damage to Scorestreaks.
  • Increased Cordite ADS bullet spread accuracy.
  • Increased Razorback recoil stability; lowered horizontal recoil; increased medium-range damage attenuation distance.
  • Increased Fennec bullet trajectory stability while continuous firing; lowered horizontal recoil; slightly increased upper recoil limit.
  • Increased AK117 damage multiplier when hitting body parts above the waist, increased medium-range combat ability.
  • Optimized BK57 bullet trajectory and increased stability.
  • Explosives deal much more damage to the Transform shield, and only one EMP is required to destroy a Transform Shield.

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