Call of Duty Mobile will be similar to COD Warzone in Season 9

Call of Duty Mobile will be similar to COD Warzone in Season 9


Season 9 will be here in a few days to bring many big changes in Call of Duty Mobile. Players are happy with the upcoming updates because of all the amazing content leaks that we got from the test server, including several new locations on the 'Isolated' battle royale map.

Interestingly, the Call of Duty Season 9 update will completely transform the game into a mobile version of Call of Duty Warzone.

Major Changes to Battle Royale in Call of Duty Mobile Season 9

1. New Battle Royale Drop Locations

New COD Mobile battle royale locations

Pertama, seperti season 7, COD Mobile season 9 juga akan memperluas peta battle royale dengan menambahkan empat lokasi drop baru. Lokasi baru di peta 'Isolated' adalah Pos terdepan, Pangkalan Radar, Kamp, dan Asrama. Jadi, menyenangkan kalau pemain akan memiliki lebih banyak area baru di peta untuk dijelajahi.

2. Armor Plates

Armor Plates in Call of Duty Mobile

If you have played Call of Duty Warzone on a PC or console, then you should know about steel armor. Players can get these steel plates in loot and each armor plate gives an additional 50 Health Points (HP) to the player. However, players can only equip a maximum of 3 steel armor.

Well, interestingly, this armor comes in Call of Duty Mobile Season 9. On the test server, the armor can be used to regenerate the health of damaged player vests.

3. New Battle Royale Intro

New Battle Royale Intro in Call of Duty Mobile

Well, it's true, Call of Duty Mobile gets a new intro battle royale animation. What's remarkable is that this new intro animation was directly taken from Call of Duty Warzone. In the new animation, you will see your troops getting ready to jump out of the plane.

4. Load Personal Custom Loadouts

Custom loadouts in COD Mobile Battle royale

Now, you should be aware that Call of Duty Mobile will introduce Gunsmith weapon customization in Season 9. The good news is that Gunsmith customization will also be available for battle royale mode.

Now, you have to think about how to get special weapons in the battle royale map. Like in Warzone, 'airdrops' on the map will carry your Custom Loadouts. So, players can drop normal weapons to take their special weapons with all the amazing slots.

5. New Weapon Mod

New mods to buff weapons

Strangely, Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 will introduce various 'Mods' in battle royale mode which will be available like normal booty. Players can use this Mod to give a unique buff to their weapons. For example, the 'Long Shot' mod will increase the accuracy and damage to your weapons over long distances. However, for each weapon, players can only use one ‘Mod.'

6. New BR Class 'Hackers'

Hacker BR class in Season 9

Finally, just like every new season, Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 will also introduce a new BR class, called Hackers. Players who use this class will be able to neutralize their enemy gadgets and also disturb their minimap.

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These are all major changes that have occurred in Call of Duty Mobile Season 9. All the new content we mentioned in this article is available to try on season 9 test servers. So, if you have access to the testing server, then you can feel all the changes that happened at Call of Duty Mobile earlier.

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