Cheat Traps For Counter Strike: Global Offensive Cheater

Cheat Traps For Counter Strike: Global Offensive Cheater

1041 - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular multiplayer games ever made. However, just like other online games, CS: GO is also harassed by hackers. This hacker bought a cheat that is easy to get an unfair advantage in the game.

So, a YouTuber who uses the name ScriptKid decides to clean up the problem. He created fake cheats to trap the fraudsters who will download the cheat from his website.

ScriptKid, who first made fake cheat software to sabotage cheater at PUBG, did the same thing for CS: GO fraudsters. He tricked thousands of losers by downloading his bait software that would kill them instead of giving them an advantage.

In total, ScriptKid creates a total of nine penalties for players who download the fake cheat. For example, the cheat will not let cheaters defuse bombs no matter how many times they try. Another penalty is to drop cheater weapons every time they shoot the enemy. Also, every time the cheaters point their weapons towards a teammate, their weapons automatically start firing on their own, thus killing their teammates.

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Funny and quite satisfying, right? Well, there are other interesting penalties available to watch in this video. Interestingly, ScriptKid includes code in its software to get cheater gameplay footage when using the fake cheat.

Cheater is a big problem in online games that affects many honest gamers. So, seeing CS: GO gamers who cheat punished for using fake cheats is very satisfying.

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