Drop Test: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Beats iPhone 11 Pro Max

Drop Test: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Beats iPhone 11 Pro Max


A few days ago, Samsung launched the anticipated Galaxy Note 20 series at the Unpacked 2020 event. Samsung's latest flagship series puts forward the legacy of Note devices and packs some crazy high-end specs.

Especially the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which is a beast in itself. This device has a 6.9 edge Quad HD + Dynamic AMOLED 2X Infinity-O Display with a resolution of 3088 × 1440 and a refresh rate of 120Hz, Snapdragon 865+, a triple camera setup with a 64MP primary lens, a 45000 mAh battery and an improved S. -Not to mention.

But what sets the Ultra variant apart from the Galaxy Note 20 and all other flagships is the Gorilla Glass Victus. Announced last month, Corning glass can withstand drops of up to 2m in height.

There's now a drop test video from PhoneBuff, which proves the claims made by Corning about the Victus glass. In the video, YouTubers stack the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra against the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and the results are incredible.

Note 20 Ultra's Gorilla Glass Victus is very strong

In the video, we see that the iPhone 11 Pro Max's glass broke on the first drop and face drop test when it was dropped from a height of 1m.

Although the glass on the Galaxy device did experience cracks in the background test, it did not spread throughout the device, as seen on the iPhone. But the real conclusion of the Note 20 Ultra's drop test video is the survival of the device in a bonus round.

The Samsung device was dropped ten times from the 1.45m height with the screen facing the surface, and surprisingly, the device looks fine without the glass gaps on the front. Additionally, there is no additional damage to the rear glass from the bonus round, which speaks volumes about the new Victus glass.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max survived ten bonus rounds in the previous video. However, the YouTuber noted that "it was pretty ugly, with chunks of glass falling off and the device losing its camera".

Of course, this is only one device, and different Note 20 devices may have different results from the drop test. Even so, the video attests to the exceptional durability of Corning Victus glass. It will be interesting to see the next phone on the market that will carry the Victus glass.

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