Elden Ring: Here’s How To Get Magma Blade

Elden Ring: Here’s How To Get Magma Blade


Elden Ring is one of those games that, despite being a grueling task, keep players coming. While there is a lot to be found in the wildly popular Elden Ring, in this article, we describe a rather special item, the Magma Blade. For players looking for a way to get the Magma Blade, stick to the end of the article to find out.

Before we dive into how and where to find the Magma Blade in the Elden Ring, let's take a look at the legend of the weapon and why you should have one in the game. While the Elden Ring is filled with tons of mighty weapons, many of the previous weapons are nerfed with patches, rendering most of them nearly useless in tough boss fights.

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Meanwhile, players are now looking for the next best weapon to kill their boss in the Elden Ring, and it looks like we've found the next best weapon, the Magma Blade. However, keep in mind that getting the Magma Blade is not easy; at the same time, the blade must have brought the angry inner Kratos into Tarnished.

Getting the Magma Blade

As for how to get the Magma Blade in the game, players can get the blade after opening the Volcano Manor in the Elden Ring. Remember to survive and unlock Volcano Manor is not an easy task as the location tests the best of the players. Make sure you hit a certain level in the game while trying to get the bar, or you'll run into trouble.

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In the Elden Ring, the Magma Blade was dropped by the Snake-Man inside the Volcano Manor on Mount Gelmir. To get the Magma Blade, head to the manor and find it and start killing Snake-Man until one of them drops his sword. Keep in mind that killing a Snake-Man or two doesn't guarantee a chance of getting a Magma Blade. Because of this, you may have to go on a killing spree until one of them drops a knife for you to pick up.

And there you have it, how to get the Magma Blade in the Elden Ring and get your Tarnished one step closer to killing the Elden Ring boss.

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