‘Fall Guys’ Season 2 Will Take Gamers To Medieval Ages

‘Fall Guys’ Season 2 Will Take Gamers To Medieval Ages


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is one of those indie games that has taken over the world fast. The game is so amazing that it has managed to attract around 7 million players on Steam in just a month.

Well, after the success of Season 1, the developer of Fall Guys decided to level up by announcing Season 2. What's interesting about Season 2 is that it will feature a medieval theme.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout developer has released Season 2 footage at Gamescom 2020 Opening Night Live Presentation. Interestingly, this Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 2 short trailer provides a sneak peek of some interesting elements to come.

Season 2 shows an upcoming round with some epic missions from medieval times. The rounds in Fall Guys Season 2 will mostly present players with challengers similar to Season 1. However, there will be some new challenges as well. For example, in one of the upcoming rounds, the player will have to jump onto a block, which will serve as a ladder to climb over the wall.

Along with that, some new costumes are featured that will transform your character into a Knight, Dinosaur, Viking, Wizard or Witch. In short, the costumes are so great that you would be asked to buy them without a second thought.

To date, there is no official release date for Fall Guys Season 2. However, players are expecting the upcoming season to be released in October.

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