Fortnite brings back Mechs in their most powerful form ever

Fortnite brings back Mechs in their most powerful form ever


Dataminers have discovered that Mechs is returning to Fortnite but in better form than it was known. Mechs earned a bad reputation in 2019 when they were last added to the game.

In 2019, Fortnite added B.R.U.T.E., but the community was furious with the new addition. It's very unbalanced and completely spoils the fun of battle royale.

Epic Games, however, plans to bring back Mechs during the end of Season 8. This season has seen some incredible changes in the game, from Sideways to Cubes rampaging across the map. Loopers are unaware of what the Cubes are up to with the island of Fortnite, but their goals seem hostile.

Mechs will return to Fortnite in Season 8

While the current focus is primarily on the upcoming 2021 Fortnitemares event that will take place soon after the Halloween fever, the rumors of a Mechs return have turned some eyeballs.

ShiinaBR posted on Twitter that Mechs had been found in the game files and that Epic Games was planning to bring them back later this season. Epic Games has a huge task ahead of getting the Fortnite community to love Mechs once again since it was last added #RemoveTheMech trending on Twitter.

fortnite season 8 mechs

It's unclear whether the returning Mechs will be in the B.R.U.T.E. form or some new look altogether. Another popular Fortnite leaker, Hypex, has confirmed that the Mechs that will be released in Season 8 have gone through several changes. This includes the addition of a sound channel and the ability to float on water.

It makes no sense to see how such a machine could have the ability to stay afloat on the water.

fortnite season 8 mechs

Fortnite may also have changed the charging effect of Mechs, but all of these new additions can only be tested once the robot giant is added back to the game at the end of the current season.

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