Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7: Every new weapon and where to find them

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7: Every new weapon and where to find them


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 kicked off earlier today, and the update introduces a lot of new content in the game. The aliens have finally arrived, and players will find a giant aircraft carrier hovering over the island.

Many small rideable UFOs can be found on the island which players can use to navigate around the map. They can also lift and drop things at will.

Of all the main additions to the game, the most interesting are the new weapons. There are four new weapons added to Fortnite that match this season's alien theme. Here's a quick look at all the new weapons in the Fortnite v17.00 update.

All-new weapons in Fortnite Season 7

Slone's Pulse Rifle

Pulse Rifle

Pulse Rifle (Epic Games Store)

Dr. Slone is an NPC in the center of the map that will drop the Mythic Pulse Rifle once she is killed. Other lesser variants of this weapon can be found in chests and loot throughout the map.

The gun is automatic when fired from the hip, and when aiming downwards it fires a slower shot. It has a magazine size of 16, and the damage output depends on the weapon variant. The Mythic variant deals 38 damage per shot.

Kymera Ray Gun

Kymera Ray Gun

Kymera Ray Gun (Epic Games Store)

The Kymera Ray Gun is a unique weapon in Fortnite Season 7 that fires a continuous burst of energy-generating damage rays. Due to its unique ammo type, the Ray Gun has a magazine size of 1000000. The damage dealt per shot is 9 with the rare variant but goes up to 11 with the legendary version. The weapon reload speed is 2 seconds on the legendary version.

This weapon can be obtained from aliens in UFOs. Players must kill aliens to get weapons. They spawn mostly in Believer Beach, a new POI in Fortnite.

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Rail Gun

Rail Gun

Rail Gun (Epic Games Store)

The Rail Gun is a new bolt gun in Fortnite that fires a powerful payload that does a lot of damage. It can also deal damage through walls, so players can chase enemies hiding behind cover.

The legendary variant of this weapon deals 94 damage per shot, while the epic and rare versions deal 89 and 85 damage per shot, respectively. It holds one bullet in the magazine and the rate of fire is 1.

Players can find rail weapons in chests and loot around the map. The best way is to check the IO guard bunkers around the map and open minion chests.

Recon Scanner

Recon Scanner

Recon Scanner (Epic Games Store)

Similar to Rail Gun, players can also get a new Recon Scanner from a minion chest located in the IO guard bunker on the island of Fortnite.

The weapon fires a reconnaissance bolt that will find loot and enemies for the player, similar to a flare gun. Additionally, deals 98 damage to enemies on direct impact.

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