Fortnite Creative Mayhem Tournament: How to register and claim your free Piranha pickaxe and Golden Flopper spray

Fortnite Creative Mayhem Tournament: How to register and claim your free Piranha pickaxe and Golden Flopper spray


Epic Games just announced the Creative Mayhem Tournament at Fortnite, and it's looking really good. As part of this tournament, the top scorer will be awarded Pirhana pickaxes and sprays in the game Gold Flopper.

Pirhana's pickaxe goes hand in hand with the Wake Rider skin that is currently in the Fortnite item shop. While the absence of a Star Wars skin in the Fortnite item store really shocked the community, the Creative Mayhem Fortnite Tournament had the potential to keep fans hooked.

How do I participate in the Fortnite Creative Mayhem Tournament?

Fortnite Creative Mayhem Pickaxe

Fortnite Creative Mayhem Pickaxe

Participating in Fortnite Creative Mayhem is as easy as it looks. Players must first visit and register for the tournament.

Players can win the Golden Flopper spray by simply registering for the Creative Mayhem Fortnite tournament. Once done, they have to head to the creative hub in Fortnite and enter the following code: "1994-6642-9073" and play for 30 minutes on this map.

After players have successfully recorded their 30 minutes on this map, they will be rewarded with a Pirhana pickaxe in the game.

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That's not all; Players who are highly skilled at death run games in Fortnite also get the chance to play with their favorite creators. Players must enter their fastest time on the Fortnite Creative Mayhem map here.

Eligible players will have the opportunity to participate in a special event with their favorite content creators on Fortnite on June 5.

Fortnite Creative Mayhem Rewards

New Free "Creative Mayhem" Rewards

As per the information on the Fortnite blog, here's how players can participate in the event.

How To Participate Creative Mayhem

Players can follow these steps to participate in the Fortnite Creative Mayhem

Players will be allowed to submit their entries from May 4 at 9 a.m. ET to May 11 at 9 a.m. ET. The results will be reviewed from May 12 to May 14.

Eligible participants will be invited to participate in special events with the creators of their choosing. After participants complete Fortnite Creative Mayhem, eight content creators and their communities will battle for a place in the finals.

Fortnite Creative Mayhem Prizes

Here are all the prizes for the Creative Mayhem event

The qualification dates are as follows:

  • May 21 - 22: France, Poland, Germany, Italy
  • May 26 - 27: Russia, Middle East, Spain, North America
  • May 31 - June 1: South America, Brazil, Australia, Korea

Only one creator and their community can emerge victoriously and pocket the $264,000 prize pool at the Grand Final on June 5.

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