Where to find and hunt raptors in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 - All locations

Where to find and hunt raptors in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 - All locations


Raptors are the last wild animals to arrive on Fortnite Island. One of the week 7 Fortnite challenges has players hunting two raptors. Although finding and hunting these raptors is not difficult, they are very fast and can absorb a lot of damage.

They are the top-level predators in the game for now. Raptors appear non-random in the game, and players can hear a raptor's terrifying call whenever a raptor is around.

Where to find and hunt raptors in Fortnite?

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These raptors are scattered all over the map. Two packs of raptors are available near Stealthy Stronghold and two near Catty Corner. Players can also find a raptor right in the middle of Bony Burbs.

As per the map from Fortnite.gg, three packs of raptors can be seen around Weeping Woods. These are among the many locations where raptors appear in Fortnite Season 6.

Fortnite Season 6 Raptor Locations

A map showing the locations of all the raptors appears in Fortnite. Image via Fortnite.gg

These animals are very fast and it is very difficult to escape from them in the game. If the player engages these animals in battle, they need to carry enough firepower, and the players will be wise to keep their distance from these animals.

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The assault rifle and the SMG are the best weapons to use for hunting raptors in Fortnite. Players can also use explosive bows, as it allows them to deal damage from a distance.

Taking this raptor head-on in close combat is probably the most wrong move, especially in a singles match. They can easily knock a player into the game with multiple hits so it's best to engage them from a distance.

These birds of prey can also be lured to certain places using meat. Players can lure these animals using their meat and then eliminate them from a distance as well. Players can get very creative when it comes to hunting raptors in Fortnite.


In addition, most likely, raptors cannot climb structures, so players can choose to build multiple ramps and platforms to create distance between them and the raptors, to then attack them from above.

Having said that, successfully eliminating two raptors in Fortnite would be enough for players to complete this week 7 Fortnite challenge. Completing this challenge will reward the player with 24k XP in Fortnite.

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