Fortnite expected to return to iOS in October

Fortnite expected to return to iOS in October


Fortnite fans on iOS devices can breathe a sigh of relief as they may soon be able to play the game on their mobile devices.

The current court battle between Apple and Epic Games over Fortnite looks set to drag on. However, reports suggest that fans may see the popular Battle Royale return to iOS devices in October this year.

Fortnite was removed from the App Store on August 13 after Apple accused Epic Games of violating its terms of service. Since then, the two companies have been pointing the finger back and forth. The trial finally started on May 3, 2021.

When does Fortnite return on iOS devices?

As per a report by Apple Insider, Fortnite on iOS devices is expected to return by October thanks to the GeForce NOW service provided by Nvidia. According to the report, Nvidia's Aashish Patel claims that a touch-friendly version of the game will launch in October this year. However, this cannot be considered an official statement as the date is tentative, as per the reports.

The Nvidia GeForce NOW service went live in November 2020, and they've been in talks with Epic Games since then. Players can access cloud-based gaming services on Safari from their iOS devices. The service initially offers five touch-friendly titles. Since Fortnite on PC wasn't optimized for touch, the title wasn't available on the service at launch.

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Epic Games has not launched Fortnite on any other cloud-based gaming service since they are in talks with Nvidia GeForce NOW. As stated in a report from Apple Insider, all revenue that Fortnite generates on the platform will go to Epic Games, and fans will also be able to play the game without signing in directly to the GeForce NOW service.

Fortnite has been missing from iOS devices for a while now. While Epic Games hasn't lost its sizeable consumer base, fans who own Apple devices will miss out on the game. Due to ongoing trials, many Epic Games plans have been leaked to the public. Now, fans are excited about the collaboration they might see on Fortnite soon.

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