Fortnite First Person Mode in Chapter 4 Leaked

Fortnite First Person Mode in Chapter 4 Leaked


According to leakers/data miners Wensoing and Loolo_WRLD, Epic Games is continuing to work on First-Person mode for Fortnite. As per the information obtained, during the v24.30 update, more files for the First Person camera were added to the game. It includes camera angles for various weapons, including Guided Missiles. It's possible players can zoom in on the missile while it's in flight, but that can't be confirmed at this time.

Apart from camera angles, new sound effects have also been added. Sounds for walking on mud in First Person mode are now in the game files. There are several other types of movement as well such as running, sliding, and jumping. This also confirms the presence of an upcoming mud-based biome for next season. The only question that remains is when will First Person be added to Fortnite?

Fortnite's First-Person Mode may be coming sooner than expected

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According to multiple leakers/data miners, with updated mud sound effects for the upcoming season, First Person mode will be added soon. Based on speculation, the start of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 would be the best time to add this big new feature, but it may not be ready by then.

If that's the scenario, Epic Games may add it later during a major update as the season progresses. However, First Person mode has been confirmed for next season. That said, what can players expect to find in First Person mode?

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For starters, they will likely be able to change the camera angle from Third Person to First Person as and when they want. While no one is sure how this will affect builds, this feature will most likely be in the game since the same files have been found. One of the other big changes is the way that aiming down will work for different weapons.

Players will have a closer aiming experience with most non-scope weapons. This, in theory, would allow them to land more shots on targets while in First Person mode. Other weapons such as the Heavy Sniper Rifle and Cobra DMR should not be affected by this camera angle.

Will there be a special playlist for First Person mode?

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For now, there is no information whether Epic Games will create a special playlist for First Person mode or not. Since Battle Royale consists of both Zero Build and OG modes, the addition of a First Person mode would throw things up a notch. That said, chances are, players will be able to change their camera angle if and when they see fit.

But, because of that, there's plenty of room for a dedicated First Person mode in Creative. Given how diverse and unique the gameplay is, these new camera angles can be used for many Fortnite Creative 2.0 maps such as a free-for-all experience and other combat-oriented experiences.

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