All Weapons in Call Of Duty: Vanguard

All Weapons in Call Of Duty: Vanguard


Thankfully, the Call of Duty franchise doesn't have to dwell on this question. Guns are the bread and butter of any CoD title, and with the return of World War II in Call of Duty: Vanguard, there's a nostalgic feel to any weapon player equipped before jumping into multiplayer gaming.

All the classics are here. The MP-40, Sten SMG, STG44, and Kar98k are just a few of the old guns from past WWII shooters making a comeback in Vanguard. And don't worry, more will be added during the seasonal content drop in Vanguard's lifetime.

Better yet, to make this awesome classic weapon even more fun, Gunsmith in Vanguard allows up to 10 attachments. It's the most in a Call of Duty game and each weapon can get its unique personality because of it.

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These are all currently confirmed weapons in Vanguard.

All weapons in Call of Duty: Vanguard

Assault rifles

  • STG44
  • Automaton
  • ITRA Burst
  • BAR
  • AS44
  • NZ-41
  • Volkssturmgewehr
  • Cooper Carbine (Season One)

Submachine guns

  • MP-40
  • Sten
  • M1928
  • Owen Gun
  • Type 100
  • PPSH-41
  • Welgun (Season One in-season)

Light machine guns

  • MG42
  • DP27
  • Type 11
  • Bren


  • Einhorn Revolving
  • Combat Shotgun
  • Gracey Auto
  • Double Barrel

Marksman rifles

  • M1 Garand
  • SVT-40
  • G-43

Sniper rifles

  • Type 99
  • 3-Line Rifle
  • Kar98k
  • Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle (Season One)


  • Ratt
  • Top Break
  • 1911
  • Klauser
  • Machine Pistol


  • M1 Bazooka
  • Panzerschreck
  • Panzerfaust
  • MK11 Launcher

Melee weapons


  • Combat Shield


  • F5 Fighting Knife
  • Sawtooth (Season One)
  • Katana (Season One)

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