Fortnite glitch gives players first-person POV, here's how

Fortnite glitch gives players first-person POV, here's how


Fortnite has forever offered players a third-person perspective (POV) because of the building mechanics. However, due to a new glitch, players can get first-person POV when aiming.

First-person POV is certainly better for aiming. This helps in getting a zoomed-in view of the enemy, and hence, the player can hit more headshots.

While Fortnite hasn't officially added first-person POV yet, a recent glitch could help players enable it.

How to activate first-person POV in Fortnite

The procedure for activating first-person POV in Fortnite is unusual but effective. It should be noted that players should only attempt to do so when playing in duos, trios, or squads.

To trigger the glitch, the player must first be hit by a vehicle. Teammates can knock each other down by changing seats a second before hitting.

After hitting them with a vehicle, teammates must revive the fallen player.

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Oddly enough, first-person POV errors can only be activated in Pleasant Park POIs on the map. Once revived, the player must reach one of the garages there, and build a ladder.

YouTuber GKI has committed and confirmed the error in the latest video:

Using the ladder, the looper can reach the top right corner of the garage where the character enters the first-person POV. In this position, they must use consumables.

If players complete all of these steps accurately, they will get first-person POV in Fortnite when aiming.

Interestingly, many players have reported that they have accidentally activated first-person POV in Fortnite. While some claim that they don't have to be knocked down by vehicles, others talk about how they were able to get a first-person perspective after being thrown into a Sideways rock.

How useful is the first-person POV in Fortnite?

In the glitch mentioned above, only the character's skin is lost when aiming. While this isn't the ideal way to get a first-person perspective (FPP), players appreciate it.

The demand for adding FPP mode in Fortnite is very high. Players believe that this will not only make the game more competitive but certain annoying aspects like peeking over the shoulder will be eliminated.

The only problem with the FPP mode in Fortnite is the build. It's no surprise that building and editing structures will become much more complex in first-person POV.

While this is a glaring issue for some players, others are deliberately looking to see a drop in building and editing usage.

As of now, Cubed Chapter 2 Season 8 of Fortnite is ongoing, and Cube Queen may soon be causing massive destruction on the island. The leak also suggests that Chapter 3 is just around the corner and will begin on December 5.

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