Fortnite player uses his sleeping cat to farm creative XP

Fortnite player uses his sleeping cat to farm creative XP


Fortnite players are desperately looking for any way to get XP in Chapter 3 Season 1. The inclusion of Spider-Man in the battle pass has prompted players to look for any way to get to page 9 (or level 90) quickly. They had tried every possible method to level up fast, using XP distractions to level up and unlock battle pass rewards.

A Fortnite player prepared a way to plant XP using his sleeping cat. This isn't too surprising, as the rewards for this battle pass are so good that everyone is trying to unlock it. This is not the first and will not be the last very unique method to farm XP.

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The video is from Glitch King on Twitter, who is notorious for spotting glitches that usually involve XP. The last few seasons seem to be more difficult for players to get XP as fast as it used to be, so this method has become very popular. Players have been banned for some of them, but there are safe methods that can help lighten the load.

fortnite cat spiderman skin

Everyone craves a Spider-Man skin. Even animals that can't play Fortnite (which explains the use of the AFK XP glitch) go to great lengths to get it.

This season's battle pass is awesome, offering the following rewards as an incentive for players to complete (and succeed):

  • Troubled Gum Weapon Wrap
  • Gum Brawler Harvesting Tool
  • Skywheeler Contrail
  • Spikebat Harvesting Tool
  • Loose Threads Contrail
  • Web-Head's Knapsack Back Bling
  • Redline Cruise Music
  • It's... You? Emote
  • Spider-Man Classic Skin
  • Web-Slingin' Goodness Loading Screen
  • Webslinger Weapon Wrap
  • Web-Chute Glider
  • Neighborly Hang Emote
  • Wallopin' Web Hammer Harvesting Tool
  • Spider-Man Symbiote Skin

fortnite spiderman symbiote suitAdditionally, there are some great style variations for Spider-Man available as bonus prizes including the Future Foundation style. Fortnite players can't get there without maxing out the battle pass, which requires a lot of XP.

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