Free Fire 4th Anniversary Update: How to get free characters without diamonds

Free Fire 4th Anniversary Update: How to get free characters without diamonds


Character is one of the characteristics of Free Fire because it has unique abilities that help its players. This advantage has increased the value of the character. Now users want to get as much as possible.

The developer regularly expands the selection, bringing the tally to 41 after the inclusion of Thiva and Dimitri. The in-game shop features a wide variety of characters, and exclusive characters can be obtained by spending diamonds.

In-game currency can only be purchased, and spending money on games is not feasible for all users.

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Obtaining Free Fire characters without spending diamonds

Thiva – In-game event

Thiva character will be available for free on 28 August

Thiva characters will be available for free on August 28th (Image via Free Fire)

Free Fire announced their collaboration with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, a renowned DJ duo, on August 4. Their in-game avatars, Dimitri and Thiva, have been added with an update. However, they are not yet available to users.

Whenever the user taps on the get button, a message appears stating: This item will be available soon.

While Dimitri's character will be up for grabs as a top-up prize starting August 12, 2021, Thiva will be available for free on August 28, 2021, as part of the fourth-anniversary celebrations. However, the developers haven't announced exact details on how users will get it. Users can expect more details about it in the coming days.

Thiva's ability – Vital Vibes

Vital Vibes

Vital Vibes (Image via Free Fire)

Vital Vibes increase rescue speed by 20% at the maximum level. After a successful rescue, the user will also gain 40 health points in five seconds.

Other characters with gold

There are many characters that are available for gold that can be earned in-game

There are many characters available for gold that can be obtained in the game (Image via Free Fire)

Players can unlock multiple characters by spending gold from the in-game shop. Many of these characters have amazing abilities that they can use in character combinations. Unlike diamonds, players can get in-game gold, which makes it easier for players to get these characters using the latter.

The list of characters available for gold includes:

  • Rafael (Dead Silent) – 8000 gold
  • Laura (Sharp Shooter) – 8000 gold
  • Hayato (Bushido) – 8000 gold
  • Moco (Hacker's Eye) – 8000 gold
  • Antonio (Gangster's Spirit) – 8000 gold
  • Caroline (Agility) – 8000 gold
  • Miguel (Crazy Slayer) – 8000 gold
  • Paloma (Arms-Dealing) – 8000 gold
  • Kla (Muay Thai) – 8000 gold
  • Maxim (Gluttony) – 8000 gold
  • Misha (Afterburner) – 8000 gold
  • Olivia (Healing Touch) – 2000 gold
  • Kelly (Dash) – 2000 gold
  • Nikita (Firearms Expert) – 2000 gold
  • Ford (Iron Will) – 2000 gold
  • Andrew (Armor Specialist) – 2000 gold

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