Free Fire Hack: The anti-cheat system banned 8,62,818 accounts in two weeks

Free Fire Hack: The anti-cheat system banned 8,62,818 accounts in two weeks


Cheating and hacking issues are prevalent in many titles, and Free Fire is no different. Many players fall at the temptation of using external influences to reach the pinnacle of the game.

As a result, game developers have a zero-tolerance policy against all forms of cheating. They have tightened the noose around offenders by imposing a permanent ban on those who caught cheating.

They also shared developments regarding their crackdown on cheating through their social media ban notices. And they recently released a statement with the number of banned users, in addition to grouping by reason.

The Free Fire anti-cheat system bans 8,62,818 accounts in two weeks.

 Image via Garena Free Fire/Facebook

The post on Garena Free Fire’s Facebook page read:

"In the last two weeks, the number of accounts banned globally was 862,818, and 42,701 players get punished for playing with hackers intentionally. These numbers are also due to your help in reporting cheaters- 46% of banned accounts were reported by players."
"We’ll be back with more updates in the upcoming week. Do ensure to not team up with players who cheat or use any application that may modify the game file."

Here is the detailed breakdown of the reasons for the ban:

Image via Garena Free Fire/Facebook

As stated in the previous post, more than 46% of blocked users reported by others. Also, more than 42,701 accounts penalized for deliberately cooperating with hackers.

Image via Garena Free Fire/Facebook

According to the anti-hack FAQ on the official Garena site, players will block permanently, regardless of who controls the account, once there is evidence of cheating.

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In the same FAQ, cheating defined as using unauthorized third-party programs, modifying the game client, or playing in the modified game client to perform functions that are otherwise not possible.

Hence, the users should never download modified game files or team up with the cheaters under any circumstances.

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