How To Pin Instagram Comments on Smartphone?

How To Pin Instagram Comments on Smartphone?

520 - Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms, regularly launches new features for its users. Until now, the platform has launched a new comment pin feature that allows users to embed the best comments on their posts to the top.

Previously, this platform also launched a feature that allows users to delete some comments from their Instagram posts. The comment pin feature will help users embed the most relevant or important comments about a post. Users can easily embed their comments by following the steps mentioned below:

Steps for Pinning Comments on Instagram

  1. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone
  2. Tap the profile icon available at the right bottom corner of your screen

    instagram profile icon

  3. Select any post on which you want to pin a comment

    instagram pin comments feature

  4. Now open the comment section of the particular post and long-press the comment you want to pin

    pin comments

  5. Tap the pin option and the selected comment will be successfully pinned

    pin comments on Instagram

NOTE: You can also unpin the pinned comment later if you want to replace it with another one. For that, just long-press the comment and tap on the same pin button to get to the unpin option. After that, tap the “Unpin” button and that’s it, the comment will get unpinned. Now, repeat the previous process to pin a new comment again.

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Other Instagram Features

Apart from the Instagram pin comments feature, the company has also rolled out Instagram Reels that allow the users to create 15-second videos like TikTok.

Instagram Reels will also offer AR effects, sound effects, and a lot more. The users will also have the liberty to choose between their audience whether they want to share their Reels with the generic audience or only with their friends.

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