How to Stream 4K Ultra HD content on Netflix? Know the Requirements

How to Stream 4K Ultra HD content on Netflix? Know the Requirements


Netflix has emerged as a savior for the millennium during the Coronavirus pandemic. Streaming services have gained many new customers in lockdowns because it houses some of the best TV shows and films.

Netflix is available with different subscription packages, including the Basic package, Standard package, and Premium package. From the Netflix package mentioned, the Standard package offers HD streaming, and 4K streaming is available in the Premium package.

However, if you are going to buy Netflix Ultra HD or an HD streaming package, then you will have to meet several system requirements. Look at the points mentioned below to see whether your system will be able to stream Netflix Ultra HD and HD or not.

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Requirements for Netflix HD Streaming on Windows 10

  1. A Windows 10 computer with the latest feature update.
  2. Netflix official app (or any web browser) and a display with 720p resolution.
  3. 7th generation Intel Core or a higher-performing processor.
  4. Internet Connection with speed above 5 Mbps.
  5. Netflix streaming quality set to Auto or High.

Requirements To Stream Netflix 4K UHD on Windows 10

  1. A computer or tablet with Windows 10 latest updated version.
  2. Official Netflix app or Microsoft Edge browser.
  3. A 60Hz display with 4K resolution.
  4. 7th Gen Intel Core i3, i5, i7 (or newer) processor, or an NVIDIA GTX 1050 GPU (or higher) with a minimum of 3GB RAM.
  5. Internet connection with a speed above 25 Mbps.
  6. Streaming quality should be set to Auto or High.

Note: If you cannot stream Netflix Ultra HD after completing all the requirements, that means you need the HEVC extension. The HEVC extension is an important component used in PCs to play Ultra HD 4K videos. You can get HEVC video extensions from the Microsoft store for free.

You can’t stream Netflix 4K UHD on Google Chrome

One thing to remember is that you cannot run 4K UHD titles in the Chrome browser even after meeting all hardware requirements and getting a Premium package. The reason is that Chrome provides software-based DRM protection that is often abused by people to record Netflix shows in UHD quality and distribute them illegally. To avoid this scenario, Netflix doesn't allow 4K UHD streaming on Google Chrome.

Now, if you think that your internet and desktop connections meet Netflix 4K UHD streaming requirements, you can use the premium package. But if your hardware can't, then you have to buy a Standard package or a Special Mobile package because you won't be able to stream 4K content on Netflix.

However, you can buy a premium package if you want to share your account with others because the premium package offers four screens. Additionally, you must meet the requirements for streaming Netflix 4K content; otherwise, the premium package will not be useful.

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