Minecraft: How to make a simple enderman farm

Minecraft: How to make a simple enderman farm


The Ender Pearl is one of the most useful utility items in Minecraft. Many players who haven't obtained elytra use the ender pearl to travel long distances very quickly. Unfortunately, enderman pearls are very difficult to obtain in the outside world due to the scarcity of enderman seeds.

Fortunately, players were able to obtain large amounts of ender pearls at the End. This is because End spawns an almost infinite number of endermen. Since the endermen are quite formidable foes in large groups, players have the option to create a simple enderman farm to eliminate all risks. Fortunately, there are several different farm designs that players can take advantage of.

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How to easily build an enderman farm in End in Minecraft

Farm Design Step 1

minecraft farm design 1

Image via Mojang

The first design is one of the simplest designs available, but not the most efficient.

All Minecraft players who have visited the End are aware of the existence of the End obelisk. This obelisk has a final crystal on it which must be destroyed to kill the dragon.

After killing the dragon, the player can build a ceiling above their head (attached to the obelisk) that prevents the endermen from attacking the player. The ceiling must be high enough that players can stand under it. If a Minecraft player builds the ceiling too high, the endermen will be able to enter and attack the player.

Players will be able to swipe the endermen's legs from under the ceiling, and the endermen won't be able to attack them. This is a great and simple option to safely farm ender pearls in End.

Farm Design Step 2

minecraft farm design 2

Top of the farm (Image via Shulkercraft)

Minecraft's second enderman farm is much more secure and efficient but will take a lot more effort to build.

This building uses endermite combined with the classic mob farm tower design to create a stunning enderman farm. At the top of the tower, the endermen will spawn and immediately run towards the endermites to attack them.

This Endermite is named tagged and placed in the minecart so it will never be despawned. Around the endermite container is a hole where the endermen will fall after trying to reach the endermite.

These Endermen will fall to the bottom of the trap, where they will be able to be one-shot by the player. The hopper and chest settings will allow players to safely collect all the final pearl drops. This ranch is also a great way to get a lot of XP very quickly.

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