The New Tesla USB Drive Now Records Videos In Sentry Mode

The New Tesla USB Drive Now Records Videos In Sentry Mode


Tesla reportedly provides its own storage device for recording footage via Sentry Mode / TeslaCam. Tesla provides a 64 GB flash drive wrapped in its own logo for video recording.

Previously, owners had to use their own storage devices to record videos.

If you are new to our website and wondering what a Tesla Sentry Mode is, here’s a quick summary.

What Is Tesla Sentry Mode?

Sentry Mode is basically a surveillance feature provided by Tesla to record the activities when you are not in your car. You can think of it as a CCTV camera integrated. The automaker installed cameras both inside (dashcam) and outside to record events.

tesla sentry mode

You can view the footage on your laptop or smartphone. However, you have to download an app to view it on your cell and also need the USB drive, which videos are stored.

Why is Tesla Sentry Mode Useful?

It’s an important feature and introduced to reduce theft cases and vehicle vandalism. Earlier, burglars used to break windows to steal valuable items and get away without any consequences.

Tesla Sentry Mode helps police identify and catch the thieves easily with the help of videos.

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Apart from this, the feature doesn’t consume much battery life: a Tesla Model 3 can last for almost nine days with Sentry Mode ON.

Tesla Reinforces Safety Of Sentry Mode With New Update (rephrase/done)

As most people are aware of the feature, there are chances that burglars may steal the storage device recording videos. However, Tesla is always one step ahead and found the solution for this as well.

According to a report, Tesla has integrated the USB port location along with the glovebox with the new Model 3 update. Also, it introduced a pin for unlocking the glovebox. This way, the EV maker further reduced the risk of thieves stealing the USB device and made the system even more secure.

We have to say that it’s quite an impressive feature update. However, if we consider the 64 GB USB drive it provides, it seems a bit low storage considering the application. It would be better if the automaker provided more storage.

Users now often have to free up space on their storage media.

Anyway, what do you guys think about it? Drop your views in the comments section below.

Source: UpCar

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