Threads vs Twitter: Here are 6 differences

Threads vs Twitter: Here are 6 differences


Currently, Threads, a social media rival to Twitter, is a hot topic of conversation among netizens. Even though Threads is said to be similar to Twitter, there are some differences if you look closely.

Summarized from various sources, here are several differences between Twitter and Threads:

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1. Availability

Quoting Business Today, when it started about 16 years ago, Twitter was just a website and gained its popularity in the same way. However, with the rapid adaptation of smartphones, these apps have finally been introduced on Android and iOS.

Unlike Twitter, Threads is currently only for the app, available for download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Given Instagram's popularity as an app, it seems Meta follows the same guidelines so the Threads website may not be available soon.

2. Account synchronization

On Twitter, one can log in using options like email, phone number, and even just a username. Twitter is an independent application and is not tied to any other application, it only borrows log information.

Meanwhile, Threads is synced with Instagram. For now, there's no other way to get into Threads apart from your Instagram account and vice versa. Threads can't even be deleted without deleting your Instagram account.

3. Access

Quoted from NDTV, Twitter users who do not have a blue tick can post 2 minutes and 20 seconds long videos. As for Threads, users (including unverified ones) will be able to post five-minute videos.

4. Number of Characters

On Twitter, users who don't subscribe to Twitter Blue, aka free users, only have a limit of 280 characters for every single tweet. Users can create threads, which are collections of multiple tweets on the same topic.

Meanwhile, in Threads, users get a limit of up to 500 characters for every single post they make. Users can also create threads, a term for posts on Threads, similar to tweets on Twitter.

5. Number of Follows Does Not Appear in Threads

Not only Twitter, but social networking applications will also usually display following and followers on the home page. However, Threads users cannot see the number of people followed by other users on their profiles.

6. Search Column

The Twitter search field allows you to search for Twitter users, explore trendy topics worldwide and in your immediate neighborhood, and find trendy videos. Whereas the Threads search field only lets you search for users to follow.

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