Top 5 features that GTA 6 should include from previous GTA games

Top 5 features that GTA 6 should include from previous GTA games


Rockstar hasn't officially announced anything related to GTA 6 yet, but fans have been making all sorts of expectations from the game.

In terms of gameplay features, the GTA series reached its peak with GTA San Andreas. Since then, HD Universe has disappointed fans a bit with reduced content. GTA 5 tries to bring some of them back, but not to the extent most players would like.

It would be great to see some of the features from the previous game implemented in the next title. Therefore, this article will list some features from previous games that many fans would like to see in GTA 6.

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These features from previous GTA games should be in GTA 6

Maintaining muscle and fat

When it comes to comparing features, GTA San Andreas is the gold standard. Players in this game start with a skinny CJ who can be transformed into a muscular body type by training in the gym. But, unfortunately, he can also become fat because he eats a lot of junk food.

This also affects gameplay directly, with the muscular CJ able to inflict more damage than the skinny CJ. In the case of excess fat, CJ can't climb obstacles and run as much as possible without getting tired.

This would be an excellent feature in GTA 6 for more immersion and realism, especially if the RPG features of GTA San Andreas were also implemented.

Gangs and territories

The GTA series has always implemented its gangs and criminal organizations into the game world. Certain areas of the map are inhabited by certain gang members, giving the world a more realistic and lively feel.

GTA San Andreas has gang wars where players can take over territory from rival gangs. In GTA Chinatown Wars, a gang territory system is implemented in a minigame that peddles drugs. As a result, players can check which areas of the gang are selling which drugs and even steal their products.

If GTA 6 restored gang wars and territory control in any meaningful way, it would only increase the liveliness of the game.

Customizable protagonist

Some of GTA's competitors, such as the Saints Row series, always have a customizable protagonist, as in many RPG games. This feature can be implemented in GTA 6 without significantly affecting the quality of the storyline.

The non-linear and immersive storytelling would be a new take on the series without ruining the GTA experience too much.

Player skills/stats progression

Another great feature exclusive to GTA San Andreas is the skill development for CJ. Players will see an increase in stats for the type of vehicle/weapon they use more often. This has an impact on physical parameters such as lung capacity and stamina.

As a result, GTA San Andreas is more like an RPG than any other GTA game in the series. If GTA 6 contained more RPG-like elements than its predecessors, it would be a great addition.

Advanced melee combat

Another unique feature introduced in GTA San Andreas and enhanced in GTA 4 is the advanced melee combat this game offers. But, surprisingly, with GTA 5, Rockstar opted to step back and simplify the melee system.

GTA San Andreas has different fighting styles, which can be learned from the various gyms in San Andreas. It also had stealth-based melee kills, an impressive feature for a GTA game in 2004. GTA 4's melee combat isn't as revolutionary as it was before, but it's still considered a necessary aspect.

If GTA 6 chose one feature to bring back from previous games, this is it.

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