Valorant Announces New Snow ‘Icebox’ Map For Act 3

Valorant Announces New Snow ‘Icebox’ Map For Act 3


Valorant recently announced that Act Two of the game would end on October 13th. It also teased new content arriving in the Valorant Act 3 on its social media handles.

Several game enthusiasts thought the developers were teasing a new agent with some snowy ability. However, Valorant has shocked everyone by announcing a new snow map for Act 3, called ‘Icebox.’

Initially, Valorant developers confirmed that a new map would be released after every episode, consisting of three Acts. Hence, players thought that every easter egg on Valorant’s social media handles pointed towards the arrival of a new agent in Act 3. Now, the developers have bashed all the fan theories and brought a whole new Valorant map.

In the short teaser, you can see all the details of the new map; and to be honest, it looks absolutely amazing. It’s no surprise why every player is now excited for the next big Valorant update.

As of now, Valorant only consists of four maps, i.e., Bind, Haven, Ascent, and Split. Players have been asking for a new map in Valorant since the very start; however, Valorant devs never confirmed a new map for Act 3, at least not until the beginning of Season 2. Nevertheless, it’s good that Valorant is breaking its schedule to give players what they want the most.

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Also, when Act 3 goes live, the new ‘Icebox’ map will be available in rotation along with other maps. So, in the beginning, it will be difficult for Valorant players to learn the ins and outs of the new map, which will be an interesting challenge.

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