Want to Spend Bill Gates’ Money? Here’s How!

Want to Spend Bill Gates’ Money? Here’s How!


Ever wondered what you would do with, say, $100 billion? You don't have to ask any more questions. The new web application allows you to own Bill Gates' money and spend it on various items.

You can buy a Big Mac, a pair of flip-flops, and other daily necessities, or you can buy a yacht, a Boeing 747, and more. The most expensive item on the list here is the NBA team, which costs around $2 billion. Neal.fun is the website that hosts this interesting app.

I tried the app, and instead of choosing the Big Mac, I bought the McDonald's franchise. I also bought a Superbowl ad, a yacht, an M1 Abrams tank, an F1 car, and made a film with Dwayne Johnson as Hercules, not to brag. Even so and more, I cannot reduce Mr. Gates's money.

Spend Bill Gates' money

You cannot take advantage of Mr. wealth. Gates, even with the craziest grocery list

If that's not all, you can buy burgers, a year of Netflix, and other regular stuff, or you can buy skyscrapers and shoot for the stars. The app also has the option to sell purchased items, but with Bill Gates' fortune, who doesn't want a second NBA team or 50 F1 cars?

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The website that hosts this app has many other apps and games to explore. There are apps where you can draw your island, draw a logo from memory, and see how fast money is being spent in the US. While this one is a fun website, there are similar sites with games and apps to kill time.

One of my favorites is Finding the Invisible Cow. As the name suggests, once you launch the app, it displays a white screen with a cursor. As you navigate through the white space, the 'cow' sound gets louder than you almost find it. If you stick with the game long enough to get 5 points, you can also unlock other animals.

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