Defeated Famous Chess Streamer on Twitch, GothamChess, This Indonesian Become Famous!

Defeated Famous Chess Streamer on Twitch, GothamChess, This Indonesian Become Famous!


Lately, on social media, there has been news about the famous chess game streamer on Twitch with the account name GothamChess. He has just been beaten by adult men from Indonesia, the owner of the Dewa Kipas account on the online chess match platform,

This news started going viral after the son of this Indonesian player made complaints on Facebook. Then, why did the child confide in Facebook even though the father managed to win? After investigating, it turned out that the father was accused of winning because he was cheating.

Dewa Kipas' son, who has a Facebook account with the name Ali Akbar, tells how his father's chronology, namely, Dadang Subur as the owner of the Dewa Kipas account, was accused of cheating until he got banned after defeating GothamChess. He also told everything on Facebook.


"Dad played chess online at, met with GothamChess. When you watched it live on Twitch and watched it by thousands of people, he won until the audience sulked. They accused him of cheating to mass report his account," wrote Ali Akbar on his Facebook account.

In this post, Ali also explained that his father was a former semi-pro chess athlete in Singkawang City, Indonesia. His father was already active in chess championships before finally retiring in 2011. After retiring, his father was active on after Ali created an account.

dewa kipas award

Dewa Kipas chess award

After the flurry of this case on social media, Indonesian netizens immediately reacted and participated in defending it and to the point that someone directly attacked the GothamChess account. Indonesian netizens don't accept that Mr. Dadang is labeled a cheater by fans and GothamChess himself. Hence, the feud between the two parties has gone viral on social media.

Then, if it's not cheating, why is the Dewa Kipas account still being banned by

There is a strong suspicion that Mr. Dadang's account has been banned because many GothamChess fans report that because they don't accept the champion defeated by "ordinary people."

For your information, the streamer who was defeated by Pak Dadang was Levy Rozman, an international chess player with the ELO Master level (chess player rating) 2400 who actively plays on Not only good at chess, but Rozman is also quite popular among chess fans on Twitch with a YouTube subscriber of more than 700 thousand.

gothamchess ali akbar

On his Twitter account, Rozman explained that the ban given by to Dewa Kipas was following the regulations. According to him, has a team that reviews the accounts of suspected cheats like Dewa Kipas.

Rozman continued, 98% of chess players at would agree with the review team after seeing the abnormal data and statistics on the Dewa Kipas account. He also stressed that's ban decision was not influenced by mass reporting.

Defense from his son and community

According to our observation on social media, the majority of Indonesian defend Dewa Kipas. However, some still consider the Dewa Kipas to have committed an offense even though it is not in the sense of cheating when sparring with GothamChess.

dewa kipas

A Twitter account @bayuarriputra explained that the Dewa Kipas account was blocked by for allegedly smurfing. In the game world, smurfing is a term for veteran players who use a new account to get good statistics.

In another Facebook post, Ali Akbar also did not deny that the statistics on the Dewa Kipas account were abnormal. However, Ali still doesn't want his father to be labeled a fraud. According to him, the abnormality in his chess account was suspected due to several factors.

One of them is a very high statistic for new account sizes. According to Ali, the very high step accuracy is due to the tenacity of his father who continues to play with bots to train his skills. He also explained the very rapid ranking development as a result of his father's addiction to playing in pursuit of ELO as high as possible.

Dewa_Kipas and GothamChess are in the reconciliation stage

The good news is, the Dewa Kipas and GothamChess don't want to make this problem drag on. This commotion finally made GothamChess find a solution together to solve this problem.

"Update: I have spoken with Ali Akbar, the son of the gentleman using the “Dewa_Kipas” account. We agreed to find a positive solution. Will discuss soon, since it is late in Indonesia.” wrote @GothamChess on his Twitter account.

gothamchess lost

Also, GothamChess agreed to delete posts on its Twitter account that lead to the alleged cheating of the Dewa Kipas. Ali Akbar on behalf of his father has also deleted his Facebook post.

Ali Akbar can understand the fanatical behavior of fans and does not want to blame GothamChess. He also advised netizens not to attack GothamChess accounts.

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So, what do you think about the feud between these two chess players? Do you think that Dewa Kipas is good at chess in general? Or do you feel that the allegations of GothamChess and its die-hard fans are justified?

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