Fortnite: How to easily beat Willow in Willow's Haunt

Fortnite: How to easily beat Willow in Willow's Haunt


Of all the NPC bosses added to the game for Fortnitemares 2022, Willow is by far the scariest. She was taller than the average character and had parkour skills that would put Nightrunners to shame. What's more, she carried a rather large ax for hacking and slashing at players. Facing him in battle was terrifying.

However, there is a way to beat him easily without breaking a sweat. While some of these methods are a bit odd, they will get the job done. Those who defeat Willow once will receive 15,000 XP by completing the "Help defeat Willow in Willow's Haunt" challenge.

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3 ways to beat Willow in Willow's Haunt in Fortnite

Since there are many ways to beat Willow, readers are free to choose the way they think is easiest. However, there is always the possibility that things will not go according to plan.

1) Burning Willow's Haunt and Willow

fortnite willow 1

Fire does a lot of damage in the game. Anyone who has had the misfortune of being caught in a blaze can attest to this statement. While Chrome Splash can be used to withstand fire damage, Willow isn't smart enough to jump on the bandwagon and keep up.

Thus, players can collect Firefly Jars west of Willow's Haunt and use them to burn down houses. Although the flames might not eliminate the Willows directly, they would inflict great damage.

Once the fire is out, Willow will have low HP and is quite easy to destroy even with a gun.

2) Lure her out and find a high place to shoot

fornite willow 2

Another easy way to defeat Willow in Chapter 3 Season 4 is to lure him out of Willow's Haunt and shoot him from a high place. While the giant mushrooms in the area are a good choice, using Port-A-Bunker would be even better.

Alternatively, players can even use Willow's Haunt itself as a high ground. Though keep in mind that since he can parkour, he will be able to climb. However, players will be able to get a few shots before this happens.

With a little careful maneuvering and micro-rotations, players will be able to run around Willow with ease and defeat her. Remember to use an SMG or shotgun when using this strategy.

3) Team up with a friend and ask them to shoot her

fortnite willow 3

Given that Willow is a very aggressive Fortnitemares NPC, it's always better to bring a friend to help eliminate him. This strategy offers the player several routes to get the job done.

For example, one player can lure Willow out of Willow's Haunt while the other uses snipers to land devastating headshots. If neither player is proficient with snipers, this can be done with AR, Cobra DMR, or SMG as well.

Her main goal was to distract her to ensure that she couldn't inflict any damage. Having two players makes this job easier and increases the chances of eliminating them in one game.

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