Fortnite players use AI to mimic Jonesy's real-life face, surprising results

Fortnite players use AI to mimic Jonesy's real-life face, surprising results


One of Fortnite's iconic characters sees slight improvements as players use technology and a bit of finesse to create realistic replicas of his face. Jonesy, a popular NPC that's been around since the beginning of the game, isn't much different from real people after this upgrade.

As some viewers have pointed out, this version of Jonesy can easily blend into the crowd and might even represent a well-known personality in the world of Fortnite. Twitter is already overflowing with reactions and jokes around this exciting AI transformation.

Jonesy Fortnite turned into a real person

While not perfect, the transformation below does a good job of achieving all of Jonesy's features, from her blonde hair to her nose. However, there are some differences that many users have expressed in the comments.

Fortnite Jonesy's Face AI

Some Twitter users linked the real-life version of Jonesy to William Zabka, the American actor who starred in the film Karate Kid. Fortnite recently came out with the Karate Kid collaboration, so comparisons quickly emerged.

Fortnite Jonesy's Face Karate

Other real-life people have also bonded with this Jonesy image, such as the popular professional streamer, Tfue. Images pop up to join the fun or throw light boos at Tfue and his likeness to the transformed Jonesy.

Fortnite Jonesy's Face

Jonesy default grew out of wood from this AI-generated image from Twitter user @l2thhour. The more gamers see comparisons, the more people are bound for further analysis, reinforcing just how much Jonesy can fit into the casual crowd.

Fortnite Jonesy's Face Model

The difference between Jonesy Epic Games and the resulting image is relatively clear as commentators have stated. They explained that his jaw wasn't that sharp and his eyes weren't round.

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Technology will continue to evolve, meaning images like these will soon be spreading across the internet in droves, forever bringing Fortnite characters to life.

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