Fortnite Season 6: Top 5 most strong weapons

Fortnite Season 6: Top 5 most strong weapons


There's no doubt that Bows is a meta for Fortnite Season 6. Players with accuracy, patience, and the ability to hit targets moving across distances will be the season's top peak hunters.

With the introduction of the crafting system in Fortnite Season 6, players can now craft high-level weapons instead of relying on loot chests or floor drops.

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While this relies heavily on individual play style, encounter range, skill level, and weapon availability in Fortnite Season 6, some weapons stand out from the crowd.

Once obtained, this weapon can turn the player into a god among humans in Fortnite Season 6.

This article looks at the most powerful weapon that Epic Games has to offer players in Fortnite Season 6.

Disclaimer: This is a subjective list based on the opinion of the author.

Fortnite Season 6: Top 5 most powerful weapons

Legendary Primal Assault Rifle

The Legendary Primal Assault Rifle was a monster in the truest sense. With a staggering 225 DPS, the weapon will either put opponents into the cover or force them to panic and run out of resources quickly.

Upgrading to the Legendary Primal Assault Rifle in Fortnite Season 6

Upgrading to the Legendary Primal Assault Rifle in Fortnite Season 6

Players need to find or craft a primal rifle and upgrade the weapon to the Epic tier. Talk to Dummy at Camp Cod, pay 340 gold, and upgrade the rifle to a Legendary Primal Assault Rifle.

Legendary Mechanical Explosive Bow

Explosive bows are a great way to disrupt opponents from building and create chaos with explosions. Players will need to locate Remedy at Craggy Cliffs and pay 340 gold to upgrade the epic Mechanical Explosive Bow to the legendary tier.

Legendary Mechanical Explosive Bow Fortnite

This bow does base damage of 94 on body shots, followed by bonus damage from the cluster dynamite, while a head shot does 188 damage.

However, keep in mind that after being hit, a victim will more than likely scamper away to avoid the area effect of the clusters exploding.

Legendary Primal Flame Bow

Primal Flame Bow is a great way to burn down structures and watch enemies try to salvage their build as the flames consume them all. Trees and other in-game structures can be set ablaze.

Sadly, the flame effect does not set enemies of fire directly. A body shot will do only 72 damage, while a clean headshot will make 144 points of damage.

Burn enemies to ash with the Primal Flame Bow

Burn enemies to ash with the Primal Flame Bow

Players will first need to craft an Epic Primal Flame Bow and then find The Reaper at Fancy View. Talk to NPC and pay 340 gold to upgrade to Legendary Primal Flame Bow.

Mechanical Shockwave Bow

Shock and awe is the name of the game while using this weapon. Shockwave Bow has multiple usages and is a great item to have for every game. The bow does base damage of 89, while a headshot does 178 damage.

Mechanical Shockwave Bow Fortnite

As well as damage, the bow sends enemies flying away and gives the player space and time to heal before engaging again. To make a Shockwave Bow in Fortnite Season 6, players must find a Mechanical Bow and two Shockwave Grenades.

Cuddle Fish

Regardless of how cute the name is, in Fortnite Season 6, Cuddle Fish is dangerous if used properly. Although the Cuddle Fish only deal 35 damage when thrown at players, they can do nearly 210 damage when stacked and fired.

Cuddle Fish Fortnite

Be careful as explosions can cause friendly team tissue or serious damage, putting players at a disadvantage.

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