Call Of Duty Mobile Players May Be ‘Customize Characters’ In Lobby BR

Call Of Duty Mobile Players May Be ‘Customize Characters’ In Lobby BR


The Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 update will mark the first anniversary of the game. That's why players expect to see a lot of significant changes in Season 11.

Well, one of the new Season 11 features has been leaked on the internet, all because of a glitch. Based on these leaks, COD Mobile may allow players to customize their characters while waiting in the battle royale lobby.

In Call of Duty Mobile, players have to wait a few seconds for the game lobby to fill up, just like any other battle royale game. In that short amount of time, the only thing the player does is roam around trying out different weapons and vehicles.

Well, after the Season 11 Update, players might as well be able to customize their operators before getting on the plane. This further means that players will be able to change their backpacks, headgear, and clothes in the game lobby. Apart from that, this new feature also allows players to switch between different operators in the lobby.

Call of Duty Mobile character customization leak

Players love Call of Duty Mobile because the developers introduce a lot of new content every season. In the last major content update, COD Mobile picked up many features from Warzone, including armor plates, weapon modes, etc.

Now, players are waiting for the Season 11 update, which is speculated to be one of the massive Call of Duty Mobile updates. There are rumors that the developer might introduce a night mode in Call of Duty Mobile. Apart from that, there is a slight chance that zombie mode will reappear in Season 11 as well.

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