How to play the Squid Game in Fortnite

How to play the Squid Game in Fortnite


Squid Game is a part of Fortnite now. Well, not officially. Thanks to Fortnite Creative, players can now experience the Netflix thriller in-game before Epic officially collaborates with the show.

There's a creative map in Fortnite Season 8 that lets you experience the Squid Game virtually. Fortnite fans have recreated the entire experience from the latest South Korean survival drama Squid Game. Netflix exclusive shows have found admiration around the world.

Fortnite x Squid Game Creative map code and steps to join

Under the name Glitch King, Fortnite players came up with the idea behind this creative map. To join a map, you must agree to the host's rules. However, the rules are quite simple. Whenever Glitch King says Green Light or Red Light, you must act according to the rules.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, you can join the Squid Game creative map, by visiting the Fortnite creative section and using the Fortnite Squid Game code 4453-7853-1540.

This Fortnite fan has done a great job replicating the graphics, music, and rules of the show. You can even get $10 or 1000 V-Bucks if you win in the end

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Fortnite Creative is one of the best things in the game and allows players to experiment and play around with all ideas. You can even recreate some of the other games from the latest show. It will be interesting to see how Epic adds its twist to the Squid Game event and what this collaboration has to offer Fortnite players.

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