Is Call Of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode Coming Back in October?

Is Call Of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode Coming Back in October?


In March 2020, Call of Duty Mobile removes the fan-favorite 'Zombies Mode' from the game, much to the dismay of many players. However, the COD Mobile team confirms that zombie mode will return sometime after going through several upgrades.

Now, it's been months, and players are still waiting for zombie mode to return. Unfortunately, there is still no official confirmation when zombie mode will return. However, there are rumors that zombie mode will be introduced again in October 2020 to celebrate the first anniversary of the game.

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Are rumors about the return of zombie mode true?

Yesterday, the Call of Duty Mobile twitter account started rumors of a zombie mode comeback this October. The tweet says that “Call of Duty Mobile is working Zombie Mode. We can expect it to be back in October, marking its 1st anniversary.”

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Call of Duty Mobile is indeed working on Zombie Mode, and that content will return to the game again. However, there is no evidence that the game mode will return in October. In short, there are no in-game files or interviews to back up the rumors.

A few days ago, Activision's President, Daniel Alegre, confirms that Call of Duty Mobile will be getting 'significant new content' in October for the game's first anniversary. And 'Zombies Mode' is one of the most requested game modes by Call of Duty Mobile players. So, it's understandable why players are expecting Zombie Mode returns in October.

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Having said that, Call of Duty Mobile's 1st anniversary is the perfect time for 'Zombies Mode' to return. So, we can only hope that game developers improve zombie mode as soon as possible.

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