Fortnite Season 6: CB Radio Locations & How To Use It

Fortnite Season 6: CB Radio Locations & How To Use It


Fortnite Season 6 Foreshadow Quest recently premiered. This quest provides significant insight into the arrival of aliens in the next season of the game.

One of the Foreshadow Quest requires players to use CB Radios in the game. Since this challenge was leaked by the popular Fortnite data miner, players have been wondering where to look for this radio and how to use it.

YouTuber and Fortnite streamer Tabor Hill recently revealed the location in his video. This article will discuss CB Radio locations and help players complete Foreshadow Quest.

Fortnite CB Radio locations in Season 6

CB Radio is evenly distributed in the game. Finding a radio in a game can be very tricky unless the player has a clue where to find it.

Fortnite Foreshadow Quest CB Radio Locations

Fortnite Foreshadow Quest CB Radio Locations

Tabor Hill instructs players to get off the Steamy Stacks to face the first radio. Heading to the northeast corner of the location will expose a raised platform with a radio.

Interacting with CB Radio will reveal important details regarding aliens and ask players to stop all communication with aliens.

Fortnite CB Radio Location 1

CB Radio's second location is between Steamy Stacks and Craggy Cliffs. Players must go to the Radio Tower and look for the nearest CB Radio.

Interacting with CB Radio opened a discussion between Mari and Turk about animals that have alien-like abilities.

Fortnite CB Radio Location 2

Players can find the next CB Radio near the Lighthouse, north of Stealthy Stronghold. Interacting with this particular radio will reveal that aliens have been living on the island for years.

Fortnite CB Radio Location 3

These three CB Radio locations are located at the top of the island. To get the remaining two, the player must visit the lower half of the island.

A fourth CB radio can be found north of Catty Corner. There is a small shack in the lap of the hills that has a table right next to it.

Players can view the radio as soon as they stop by this location. Interacting with CB Radio will repeat the details of an animal very similar to an alien.

Fortnite CB Radio Location 4

For the final location of CB Radio, players must head to the City of Shanty which is located to the left of Slurpy Swamps.

There is a small island off the coast where TNTina used to lay eggs. Reaching out to the island will reveal the fifth and final CB Radio. Interacting with the last CB Radio will ask gamers to reveal the location of Mari who is the host of the alien show.

Fortnite CB Radio Location 5

Completing the quest is easy once the player knows the location of CB Radio. However, since CB Radio is scattered all over the island, players will most likely have to go down more than once to complete a mission.

Players should also pay attention that other players will also stop by this Fortnite location to complete quests. Therefore, it is advisable to carry adequate weapons and ammunition.

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