Minecraft 1.18 Experimental Snapshot 2 for Java Edition: All changes revealed

Minecraft 1.18 Experimental Snapshot 2 for Java Edition: All changes revealed


Minecraft developers are working hard to make the next major Caves & Cliffs update release run as smoothly as possible. To do this, Mojang has released a second Minecraft 1.18 experimental snapshot for players to try out some of the upcoming features and report any bugs they find.

In Minecraft 2's experimental snapshot, players will discover new features related to the height of the world and many changes to the in-game mountains. Interested players can download the latest experimental trailer from the official website and test the new features.

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Players should note that worlds created in previous versions of the game cannot be created in experimental footage, so new worlds will need to be created.

All features and changes are present in Minecraft 1.18 Experimental snapshot 1 for Java Edition

List of changes compared to Minecraft Caves & Cliffs part 1:

  • World height and depth increased.
  • New mountain biomes have been added: lofty peaks, snowcapped peaks, grove, meadow, and snowy slopes. Integrated mountains, caves, and cave entrances
  • New cave generations have been introduced: cheese, spaghetti, and noodle caves.
  • The new cave biomes (lush caves, dripstone caves) will now generate naturally underground and inside mountains.
  • Ore distribution has been changed, and ore veins are larger.
  • Natural variation in terrain shape and elevation, independently from biomes.
  • Monsters in Minecraft will now spawn in complete darkness.

Changes compared to the experimental snapshot 1:

  • Biome placements are less noisy now. Microbiomes dotting the terrain are fewer in number. Biomes are a bit larger than before.
  • Cloud levels have been raised from 128 to 192.
  • Renamed mountains to extreme hills and gravelly mountains to gravelly hills.
  • Beaches are now wider, and in some places, there are no beaches at all.
  • Sheep will now spawn in meadows, and spawn rates of rabbits have been increased while donkeys' decreased.
  • Players will no longer be able to find blue orchids in meadows.
  • Swamps now generate properly instead of generating in weird places.
  • Ice spikes and Eroded Badlands were missing, but now they have been added.
  • Underground biomes interfere less with surface biomes. They can still leak out of cave entrances sometimes.
  • Some peaks can now reach heights of 220-260 blocks or so, but rarely.
  • Chances of finding large areas with flat terrain have been increased.
  • Monsters will now spawn in the new biomes.
  • Emeralds and other infested stones will now generate in the new mountain biomes.
  • Ore veins have been made slightly larger and more frequent.
  • Most structures now show up in the right biome.
  • The mega cave entrances have been toned down a little bit and made less likely to go all the way down to the deep slate level.
  • Cheese caves have been made slightly smaller on average and a bit less likely to intersect the surface.
  • The chances of sand and gravel generating in such a way that they fall right after the world generates have been reduced.
  • Spawners of zombies, skeletons, spiders, and cave spiders will spawn mobs up to block-light level 11 to make them more challenging.

Since this is an experimental version, the game is bound to be slow for some players, and the features featured in it may not stay the same when the Minecraft version 1.18 update comes out. Interested readers can find more information about snapshots on the official website.

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