Minecraft Java Edition VS Bedrock Edition: What's the Difference?

Minecraft Java Edition VS Bedrock Edition: What's the Difference?


Minecraft currently comes in two forms: Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Minecraft Pocket Edition was the previous title of Bedrock Edition, and has since disappeared and is simply called Bedrock Edition. Why does Minecraft have two versions? The answer is simple.

The main reason Minecraft has two separate editions is to make it available to players on all platforms. Some platforms may support one edition but not the other.

However, players may wonder what the other differences are between the editions. Well, below are the 5 main differences between Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Differences between Minecraft Java & Bedrock Edition

1. Multi-Platform

For players with Minecraft Java Edition, they are only allowed to play with other users who have Java Edition. Java Edition is available for players using Windows, macOS, and Linux.

For Minecraft Pocket Edition (Bedrock), you can play with other users on console, mobile, and PC, as long as they are also using Bedrock Edition. On the one hand, the Minecraft Bedrock edition is optimal for players who want to play with friends across a wide spectrum of consoles, rather than sticking with PCs.

2. Server Creation

For players using Minecraft Java Edition, they can create a dedicated server, and as a result, play with other Java users on that dedicated server. It is ideal for players who want to play Minecraft survival with their friends.

Unfortunately for Pocket Edition (Bedrock), players cannot create their own servers. Instead, they should join a community server instead of creating their own.

3. Use of Texture Packs

In the Java edition of Minecraft, players have the option to download texture and shader packs. Both can be used to enhance the quality of life that Minecraft brings and bring more beauty to the game in general.

For players using Pocket Edition (Bedrock), unfortunately, they can't use any texture packs or shaders, limiting players to see what their world looks like.

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4. Price Difference

Minecraft Java Edition currently costs $26.95, and the price of the Minecraft Bedrock edition fluctuates depending on the console. Bedrock Edition for Windows 10 is $29.99, for mobile $6.99, for Xbox $19.99, and so on, usually averaging around $19.99 on most Bedrock platforms.

Players should note that Minecraft Bedrock on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, and PS Vita are no longer available for purchase.

5. Coded on Different Engines

Minecraft Java and Minecraft Pocket Edition (Bedrock) are coded in completely different programming languages. Minecraft Java Edition is coded in Java, which is a high-level, class-based object-oriented programming language.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is coded in C++, which is a general-purpose programming language and is coded in C++ to run on platforms that cannot support Java.

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