Minecraft: Pocket Edition - How to get turtle shells

Minecraft: Pocket Edition - How to get turtle shells


Often used as a helmet in Minecraft, turtle shells provide sturdy armor and don't require metal ingots of any kind like many other helmets do, thus providing an incentive for players to seek them out.

Since this helmet is not made like a conventional helmet, players will need to do some turtle breeding to make turtle shells for their armor loading. In addition to the use of their armor, turtle shells can be used to make the Potion of the Turtle Master. When equipped, the turtle shell also provides an additional ten seconds of Water Breathing, allowing for longer dives into oceans, lakes, and rivers.

To make turtle shells, players need a material called scutes.

Minecraft: Acquiring scute for turtle shells

Dropped by baby turtles in Minecraft as they mature into adults, scutes are used to make turtle shells and can also be used to repair existing ones. As well as being useful for tortoise shells, scutes can also be traded with villagers for Emeralds at higher villager levels. To obtain a sufficiently large number of scutes, players must breed a significant number of turtles.

Found in the coastal biome, Minecraft turtles alternate between their home shores and oceans. When fed seagrass, which is commonly found growing in marine biomes, sea turtles enter breeding mode and seek mates. After mating, turtles return to their home shores and lay up to four eggs at a time. After breaking three times, the eggs will hatch and lay baby turtle eggs.

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Baby turtles are very small and vulnerable, and players looking to get scutes should speed up the process. Fortunately, by using seagrass, baby turtle aging can be accelerated. After growing to full maturity, the baby turtle will drop one piece of scale. Five scutes will be required to make one turtle shell, so the more turtle players breed and raise, the more efficiently they will be able to make turtle shells.

This method of acquiring scutes in Survival Mode is uniform across Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Java Edition, and Bedrock Edition. Creative Mode players simply pick the skates they need or create turtle shells from the Creative Inventory screen in addition to breeding and raising turtles. In the quest for scutes and turtle shells, players will bring more turtles to their Minecraft world, which is definitely a plus.

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