TikTok Must Be A Microsoft-Owned Company Or Be Blocked In The US

TikTok Must Be A Microsoft-Owned Company Or Be Blocked In The US


Global friction against China is on the rise, and TikTok is one of the companies that received the biggest hit. A video-sharing application recently echoes that it has an American CEO who is trying to prove himself a trustworthy name.

However, according to the latest developments, Microsoft might finally buy parts from TikTok.

According to a tweet by Charles Gasparino from Fox Business Network (via Windows Central), the Trump administration plans to order ByteDance (the owner of TikTok) to release its shares in the US portion.

Most US TikTok will be up for grabs for the company, and Microsoft's name appears in the first line.

Gasparino confirms in another tweet that Microsoft negotiates to buy the US TikTok.

Meanwhile, Trump told reporters that the government was considering banning TikTok, which could happen as soon as Saturday.

Recently, TikTok banned in one of the biggest markets, India. Similarly, Japanese lawmakers are also considering a TikTok ban.

Worried American citizen's data will end up in Chinese and be misused. According to Bloomberg, the US TikTok ban is part of Trump's retaliation for China's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of the transparency effort, TikTok also offers to reveal algorithms for expert review and check its moderation policies in real-time. CEO Kevin Mayer urged competitors to do the same.

Speaking of competitors, Facebook has taken full advantage of the fall of TikTok by launching Reels. Meanwhile, YouTube has also test short videos on application.

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Even so, whether TikTok will be blocked or become a US company has not yet received an answer. We will update you with further information when received.

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